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A10 Networks expands its Thunder TPS platform with new addition



A10 Networks has launched its latest defenses against the increasing distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks with the most powerful DDoS protection solution available on the market.


The company is strengthening its A10 Thunder TPS (Threat Protection System) platform with surgical flow-based detection via the new A10 Thunder TPS Detector, which integrates with A10 aGalaxy TPS management to provide automated mitigation for TPS Mitigator.


According to the company, the A10 Thunder TPS Detector is available as a virtual machine on the A10 aGalaxy 5000 management appliance or on other TPS mitigation appliances via the configuration option. It more than doubles the industries nearest competitive flow-based DDoS detection performance by managing 500,000 flows per second. The A10 Thunder TPS Detector is tightly integrated with A10’s TPS Mitigator and A10 aGalaxy TPS management solutions.


“With the new Thunder TPS options and flexibility, A10 is helping service providers, cloud providers, gaming companies and enterprises combat aggressive DDoS attacks with greater intelligence and agility,” said Raj Jalan, CTO, A10 Networks.


He further added, “We believe the intelligent automation, combined with the industry’s highest-performing combination of powerful detection, mitigation, and management, will increase SecOps efficiency and drive more effective defense for businesses.”


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