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Fujitsu enhances its entry-Level Storage Range



Fujitsu has doubled the capacity of data that can be protected by its entry-level ETERNUS DX S4 hybrid storage range, introducing performance and capacity upgrades across the line-up. Fujitsu is unchaining the amount of affordable storage capacity for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), with an increase to an enormous 4,055 TB of data.

The ETERNUS DX S4 lineup, consisting of ETERNUS DX60 S4, DX100 S4 and DX200 S4 systems, brings new levels of performance and capacities within reach of SMEs for the first time. Developed specifically for the SME market, the Fujitsu ETERNUS DX S4 lineup provides the peace of mind associated with constant data protection for an always-on business in the digital world. The storage systems take regular data snapshots, as well as providing backup and recovery – underlined with the highest levels of built-in system security to prevent unauthorized access to valuable business data.


Extensive use of automation makes ETERNUS DX S4 systems simpler to set up and use for smaller organizations where technical support is often in short supply. Automation features include powerful storage technologies such as deduplication – which saves disk space by keeping only one copy of commonly-stored data. Files used regularly are stored on flash drives, for fast access, while data that is needed only infrequently is held on cheaper hard drives, via automated storage tiering. The systems are even intelligent enough to move data between flash and disk drives, depending on usage. In addition, the ETERNUS DX S4 family provides SMEs with automated quality of service management and failover, taking care of complex storage management tasks. And Fujitsu guarantees ETERNUS DX compatibility with larger ETERNUS systems, making it easier to manage systems and possible to transfer drives between systems.


The ETERNUS DX60 S4 can store up to 480 TB. The latest upgrade has also increased system performance to handle up to three times more transactions, boasts an outstanding IOPS performance of up to 250.000, response times of less than one millisecond and it is now possible for twice the number of users to connect simultaneously. The fourth-generation systems can also host 50 per cent more virtual machines than before.


Olivier Delachapelle, Head of Enterprise Business, Category Management Data Center, Fujitsu in EMEIA, says, “Every business today depends on data, whether it is a supermarket, a hotel or a furniture store – for the supply chain, for processing orders, for promoting goods and services, and for back office functions such as invoicing, taxation and payroll. Low levels of IT expertise and high dependency on technology can be a toxic combination – which is why Fujitsu is focussing on making backup and data protection easier with the new ETERNUS DX lineup, designed for the unique needs of smaller businesses, and for branch offices. In the latest generation, the Fujitsu ETERNUS DX S4 ensures that the right backup technology delivers the optimum balance of functionality, scalability and cost.”


The Fujitsu ETERNUS DX60 S4, DX100 S4 and DX200 S4 models are part of the comprehensive family of ETERNUS DX disk storage systems and are now globally available via distribution partners and directly from Fujitsu.