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Huawei tops excellence in Global Growth Matrix, says Report

ICT solutions provider, Huawei has announced that it has been rated amongst top five enterprise storage vendors in the world by Frost & Sullivan. With a revenue growth of over 30 per cent, Huawei has become the storage vendor with highest revenue growth, representing an outstanding potential increase of its market performance.

With burgeoning data expansion, and the advent of technology like big data, and enterprise mobility, Huawei has developed an array of storage solutions and has conjured its own unique competitive advantages and left its mark on the global storage market.

Goober, Head  IT Solutions, Huawei Enterprise BG India, said, “Product innovation, technology research and progress; and customer centrism are pillars of Huawei’s growth. Huawei is dedicated to develop reliable and intelligent storage products. The continuous technology progress and product innovation have contributed to the momentum Huawei has gained in the global market.”

Huawei’s focus in offering an ‘intelligent and convergent storage’ has been well received in the market.  With its flexible and scalable architecture, data distribution, intelligent management and scheduling and convergence in technology, lifecycle management and protocol management,
Huawei has been able to develop its competitive advantages and carve its own niche in the storage market at a commendable pace, said  Frost & Sullivan Research Analyst.

The Frost & Sullivan report on Enterprise Storage Market encapsulates Huawei’s strategic advantages in the storage market, and highlights its role in the global market, with a special focus on the Chinese market, which accounts for 31.5-per cent revenue worldwide.


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