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Stellar Data Recovery announces upgrades to its Data Recovery Solutions

Stellar Data Recovery has announced enhancements to Data Recovery Services, its go-to- market solutions to meet both corporate and individual data recovery needs. The endeavour of Stellar has been to use technology to enhance efficiency and optimization in data loss scenarios, thereby enabling consumers to get maximum utility from their mobile devices.


Due to fast technological development, mobile device adoption rates are increasing at an incredible rate in India which fosters heavier transaction workloads, increased network traffic and larger access to data-intensive applications like photos, videos. The amount of data stored on a mobile device, especially for heavy photos and videos users, is staggering. Technological development has caused data volumes to rise rapidly and the increased usage on mobile devices without any reliable backup solution maximizes the risk of data loss. The innovation in mobile data recovery from Stellar will benefit the mobile users to get their valuable data back while keeping it safe and simultaneously optimizing recovery performance in a hybrid IT environment.


For the period January 2017–January 2018, the company has seen a 74-per cent increase in the lead generation from mobile phone users. This trend is expected to continue in 2018 and beyond as well because of the increasing usage and growing penetration of smartphones having enhanced storage capacity on the one hand and rapid proliferation of malicious software such as viruses, worms and Trojans on the other. Consequently, Stellar foresees a significant uptick in data recovery trends in future as a large chunk of data loss victims are the mobile phone users or ones with high-capacity devices.


‘’With a visionary and revolutionary approach, we will continue to bring forth everlasting innovation in the data recovery and data protection space to enable consumers to get enriched data experience from their smartphones. This is a critical need in today’s cyber threat landscape," said Sunil Chandna, CEO, Stellar Data Recovery.