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VIVOTEK taking Gran Marquise’s Security Surveillance a notch higher

VIVOTEK has successfully commissioned a hospitality project for Gran Marquise, a 5-Star, Brazilian property with a history of 23 years. Executed in association with Genetec Inc. (Genetec) as its VMS partners, VIVOTEK has enabled Gran Marquise to reinvent and convert its analog technology to IP surveillance. Post the project accomplishment, the property now has 250 VIVOTEK network cameras installed, integrated and linked with all other hotel devices under Genetec’s cloud-based Video-Surveillance-as-a-Service (VSaaS) solution, Stratocas.


Elaborating on the importance of the upgrade in security, William Ku, Vice-President, Brand Business Division, VIVOTEK Inc., commented, “Gran Marquise has been on the top of its game for the past 23 years and is one of the most sought-after hotels among national and international authorities, artists and athletes. Some of the who’s who of the world that stayed in the property was Bill Clinton, Vladimir Putin, singer Paul McCartney, rapper Snoop Dogg and many more. Considering their clientele upgrading their security systems was of prime importance. Furthermore, it was also the first property in Brazil to achieve the ISO 22000 certificate that ensures adherence to extremely high standards of food quality and safety. Now bringing the property at par with the new-age IP surveillance security standards, we, along with Genetec, converted their age-old analogue technology into IP surveillance.”


Talking about challenges faced, Jussieudo Gomes, Security and Information Technology Division Chief of Grand Marquise Fortaleza, said, “Our hotel had around 500 analog cameras and 22 digital video recorders, which was an extensive system, but only offered low-quality images and demanded a lot of unnecessary work for footage retrieval of recorded events. Owing to such drawbacks, we realized that our security systems needed an upgrade. In order to improve the management and security of the hotel, we, along with VIVOTEK and Genetec, formulated a pilot project and are very pleased with the results.”


The purpose of this private public partnership is that, with the monitoring carried out by private companies, the public sector can achieve a more effective action, speedily curbing the action of criminals in monitored places.


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