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‘Wi-Fi is very important for doing any kind of business today’

Srikanth Natarajan, Director – Channels and Alliances, India & SAARC, Ruckus Networks in a chat gives out information on the Unleashed Access points that the company has launched 8 months back and the response it has garnered from its SMB customers - 

The fastest growing vertical for Ruckus in India is the SMB and commercial space. Technology adoption among the SMB is fast rising. Wi-Fi is today a business need for retail outlets, small hotels, clinics and law offices. Besides it is a business need for those SMBs who work with customers looking on to various compliance tools and more seamless business. Hence connectivity becomes keen and Wi-Fi becomes very important.

Unleashed Access Points (AP) is an integral part of the Ruckus portfolio. It plays a key role in driving the run rate business and the Ruckus partners. Around 60% of Ruckus’ partners today are focusing on Unleashed. Not just this, Ruckus Unleashed products comes with standard Ruckus warranty. Ruckus provides TAC (Technical Assistance Center) on Unleashed as they do to any of its other products.

The SMB segment is entrepreneur led and does not have people and processes for IT. They need a simple Wi-Fi solution that is easy to deploy, easy to manage and delivers Enterprise Grade performance with the assurance of security. Unleashed is a controller less solution that does exactly this and delivers a robust performance with minimum intervention. Once deployed, the Unleashed APs do not need any fine tuning or management. They deliver high performance and a secure network without a controller. 

“SMB’s enjoy a trouble free network with Unleashed,” says Srikanth Natarajan, Director – Channels and Alliances, India & SAARC - Ruckus Networks. “Ruckus Unleashed delivers all of the above at an attractive price point for SMBs. Adoption has been high and SMBs are keen to appreciate the value Ruckus brings in compared to some of the other players. Similar products from other players do not deliver an Enterprise class performance. Unleashed R510 and R610 are the fast moving high-end products which deliver the ideal combination of performance, reliability, and coverage for medium-density indoor locations at a price customers can afford. Unleashed products are accepted PAN India; very well marketed in North, West and South India regions”

He further continues, “One of our customers, a budget hotel chain has deployed Unleashed nationwide across all its properties with a promise to its customers that Wi-Fi will be robust and secure. The customer post deploying Unleashed is getting excellent guest feedback on Wi-Fi which is resulting in repeat business.” 
Unleashed today enjoys a good market share in the SMB space. It enjoys close to 80% market share in the Hospitality and Education segments. “We are also driving Unleashed into new segments like residential homes and small offices,” Srikanth says.

Ruckus is also making key investments in the partner community in the form of roadshows, seminars, demo equipments and pilot projects as well as in educating both customers and partners.