Mr. Amit Jain, President & CEO- Prysm

"I have learnt a very important thing from my mentor (my father) that how it is important to be hardworking and passionate with anything and everything you do. I carried this with me while relocating to USA; I always remained fearless as I moved from industry to industry building companies, especially in storage, then moving on to telecom, data communication, to displays and collaboration space. The potential in India and the growth story that is slowly unfolding kept bringing me back here. There are several trends witnessed in the IT industry and one of them is digital transformation and its impact on millennials and the second one is growth of mobility."

Mr. K K Shetty, V.P- Enterprise sales-India – COMMSCOPE

“Commscope was at one point of time was known as Tyco Electronics (before a portion of it was merged with it). We are a $ 5.5 billion company, primarily infrastructure, enterprise cabling and telecommunication business. In India we do a large amount of business in telecom and enterprise space. When we started business in 1984, we were in a dilemma whether we should start selling products first or begin with manufacturing our products. Then we figured out that we should start manufacturing first, build the required skill power and then when the market opens up, we should be ready to sell our products. This is something that we have visualised long before the present government’s ‘Make In India’ campaign started.”