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Matrix has offered a smart IP Video Surveillance solution, which provides both service excellence and security through centralized monitoring and management options.


Matrix Video Surveillance solution for healthcare provides Crowd Management solutions and Integration with Access Control to keep track of people entering or going out of the premises. Besides this, through its Intelligent Video Analytics such as Intrusion, TripWire, Face Detection, etc, psychiatric, neurological or juvenile patients can be monitored through E-map and can be restricted from moving out of their wards. These IVAs also ensure perimeter security of the hospital by detecting intruders crossing boundaries and breaking into hospital property.


Matrix provides Synchronous and Asynchronous Playback of important events, to prevent questions raised on the hospital reputation. These playback clips also serve as an easy evidence tool for claiming insurance. Matrix also provides features like Evidence Lock and Clip Export to safeguard evidence clip needed during investigation.


Matrix Video Surveillance solution offers a mobile application for remote monitoring. This application enables doctors to monitor patients from their mobile or tablet, anywhere and anytime.


Matrix Video Surveillance for Healthcare helps in smart vigilance to monitor and prevent employees from ignoring safety and cleanliness procedures. With the help of this solution, hospitals can prevent non-performance of staff, thereby fully utilizing their time, leading to improved productivity.




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