7th IT CUP

Winners and Team

  • Group picture of the all the winners of 9th OITF, award winners

    VARINDIA IT Cup 2017, Presentation

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  • The Government’s commitment for the growth of IT, ITeS and Electronics manufacturing in Odisha. "We have friendly ICT policy for promoting this sector. IT Export from Odisha has increased to 3000 cr. in 2015-16 and Increasing @ 15% per year. Govt. of Odisha welcomes IT companies to invest in the state. With a stable Govt. in Odisha and appointment of Dr. Dam Pitroda as the Technology advisor, we are expecting a positive growth of IT in Odisha."

    Mr. R.N Palai

    ITS, Spl. Secy. to Govt., IT department, GoO

  • The presence of good education in Odisha and manufacturing cluster. "C DOT is ready to give any manufacturer in Odisha to manufacturing Technology products to get manufactured, since technology on priority and will work on shoulder to shoulder with any partner will come forward."

    Mr. Vipin Tyagi

    E.D. - C Dot, Government of India

  • "De-globalization is happening, across the world. Firstly, the countries which were promoting free trading now are slowly becoming insular. It is stated with Britain and Now President Trump’s announcement on the barrier on Imports and out sourcing is a dangerous thing for the Indian IT Industry and hope Globalisation will not stop. Secondly, with the rise of Robots, in Manufacturing Industry, it is suspected to replace the skilled workers. With the rise of Robots many jobs are at the stake. Lastly, with the introduction of Artificial Intelligence, blue and white colour jobs are also going to vanish and some newer form of job will get introduced. This year it has started with a gloomy note like Demonitisation unlike other year was started with a good note. What we see VARINDIA is changing this time for better, and brings a great platform like this with the Industry and the stake holders for business Networking."

    Dr. Gopal Krishna Nayak

    Director-IIIT (Bhubaneswar)

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