Topic: Accelerating Your Business Transformation Strategy

About IT Forum 2020

The 18th edition of the Infotech Forum (IT Forum), which is going to be held on 16th September'20, Wednesday at 2.00 PM over an e-even. It is a unique customer event in India for reaching out to the end customers segment. This event creates a meaningful and collaborative platform by bringing key technology investment decision makers from across the country to understand how newer technologies impact their business. Here the business leaders, Corporate honchos, and CXO will attend to participate in the discussion on how Industry, Technology, Standards and Regulatory Experts are getting digital and are ready for the next wave of Digitization.

If there is one industry that is still growing and quickly, it is technology. The innovation of tech can’t be stopped even by a pandemic. Tech and innovation remain a robust alternative investment for people who are weary from the yo-yo ride of the markets. Organizations are at different places in the digital transformation journey, of course. But speed has become a business imperative for all. IT leaders( CIO/CTO) face pressure to show that digital initiatives continue to translate to increased agility and speed for the entire organization.  In line with these game changing technologies and predictions expected in year 2020.

Session - 1 : Presentation and Experts Speech
Session - 2 : Opening Remarks -
Accelerating your Business Transformation strategy
Session - 3 : Panel Discussion -I : CIO/CTO/CISO to be part of the session
Session - 4 : Panel Discussion -II : CIO/CTO/CISO to be part of the session
Session - 5 : Most Trusted Companies In India, Most Admired Brands In India
Session - 6 : Unveiling of the Brand Book Session - 7 : Awards Ceremony

Journey So Far








Meeting Concluded


Hours of Business Networking

2:00 PM

  Inaugural Session (Digital Ganesh Vandana, Digital Lamp Lighting)

2:10 PM

  Welcome Note by Dr. Deepak Kumar Sahu, Editor-in-Chief, VARINDIA & Group Publications

2:35 PM

Tech Talk By Global Technology Expert- Mr. Rishi Mehta, Technology Expert from Silicon valley

2:50 PM

Tech Talk by Top Cyber Security Expert- Mr. Sanjay Sahay, IPS - Technology Evangelist

3:10 PM

  Presentation by Ms. Lata Singh, Executive Director, IBM Partner Eco-system & CSI

3:30 PM

 e-Inaugural address by the Mr. Vipin Tyagi, Ex. Executive Director- C-DOT

3:45 PM

 Ms. S Mohini Ratna, Editor's note on the synopsis of the New Brand Book

3:50 PM

 Key Note address by Dr. Sanjay Behl, Director General, CERT-IN, Government Of India

4:05 PM

 Unveiling of the 9th edition of the Brand Book 2020

4:10 PM

 Presentation By Mr. Sunil Sharma, Managing Director Sales- Sophos India & SAARC

4:25 PM

 Presentation by Mr. Sandeep Bhambure, Vice President & M.D, India & SAARC - Veeam Software

4:45 PM

PRESENTATION BY Mr. Rajeev Sreedhar, MD - India & SAARC - Infoblox

5:00 PM

 Panel Discussion Session -I (CIO/CTO to be part of the session)- 6 Panellists

Moderated by : Dr. Deepak Kumar Sahu, Chief editor-VARINDIA
Mr. Vijay Sethi, CIO, Head Of Human Resources And CST- Hero Motorcorp Ltd.
Dr. S K Meher, CIO - AIIMS
Mr. Kamal Sharma, Digital Transformation Leader- United Technologies
Mr. Upkar Singh, Director-IT- FIS
Mr. Mohan Muthuraj, Vice President- India Business- Sonata Software
Mr. Puneesh Lamba, Sr. VP & Group CIO- C K Birla Group

5:30 PM

Announcement of Awards- Eminent CIOs of India ( ECIO)

5:40 PM

Presentation By Mr. Krunal Patel, Business Head, TeamViewer, India & South Asia - Team viewer

5:55 PM

 Panel Discussion Session - II
(CTO/ CISOs to be the part of the session) )- 6 Panellists

Moderated by : Dr. Deepak Kumar Sahu, Chief editor- VARINDIA
Mr. Atul Govil, Chief Transformation Officer & Head (SAP & IT) - India Glycols
Dr. Harold Dcosta, Director- Intelligent Quotient Security
Mr. Shiv Kumar Bhasin, CTO/COO - National Stock Exchange Of India Ltd.
Mr. Chandra Mouli, Chief Information & Technology Officer - Sankara Nethralaya
Mr. Harnath Babu, CIO - KPMG India
Mr. Peter Melerud, Chief Strategy Officer & Co-Founder, Kemp Technologies


 Announcement of Awards of Eminent CIOs of India (ECIO)

6:35 PM

 Announcement of the Most Trusted Companies In India ( 25 Companies)

6:50 PM


7:05 PM

 Announcement of the Most Admired Brands In India (50 Companies)

7:10 PM

 Announcement of the Brand Icons of the Year 2020

7:15 PM

 Announcement of the Women Leadership In Technology Sales 2020

7:20 PM

 Announcement of the Lucky Winners of the day


 Announcement Of The Lucky DIP Through The Voting Matrics

7:25 PM

Vote of Thanks by Ms. S Mohini Ratna, Editor, VARINDIA & Brand Book

Distinguish Delegates- (Speakers and Panelists)

Dr. V K Saraswat

NITI Aayog

Dr. Sanjay Bahl

Director General

Mr. Vipin Tyagi

Ex. Executive Director

Mr. Rishi Mehta

Technology Expert
Silicon Valley

Mr. Sanjay Sahay

Technology Evangelist

Ms. Lata Singh

Executive Director
IBM Partner Eco-system & CSI

Mr. Sunil Sharma

Managing Director Sales
Sophos India & SAARC

Mr. Sandeep Bhambure

Vice President & M.D, India & SAARC
Veeam Software

Mr. Alain Sanchez

CISO(EMEA) & Senior Evangelist

Mr. Vijay Sethi

CIO, Head Of Human Resources And CST, Hero Motorcorp Ltd.

Dr. S K Meher


Mr. Kamal Sharma

Digital Transformation Leader
United Technologies

Mr. Upkar Singh


Mr. Puneesh Lamba

Sr. VP & Group CIO
C K Birla Group

Mr. Krunal Patel

Business Head, India & South Asia

Mr. Atul Govil

CTO & Head (SAP & IT)
India Glycols

Dr. Harold Dcosta

Intelligent Quotient Security

Mr. Shiv Kumar Bhasin

National Stock Exchange Of India Ltd.

Mr. Chandra Mouli

Chief Information & Technology Officer, Sankara Nethralaya

Mr. Harnath Babu

KPMG India

Mr. Rajeev Sreedhar

MD(India & SAARC)

Mr. Mohan Muthuraj

Vice President- India Business
Sonata Software

Mr. Peter Melerud

Chief Strategy Officer & Co-Founder
Kemp Technologies

Dr. Deepak Kumar Sahu

President & CEO

Panel Discussion I

Panel Discussion II

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