5 Best Pandemic Movies, Novels, and TV Series: Epidemics in Fiction — Outbreak, Andromeda Strain, Co

People have always been fascinated by the power of a tiny virus to cause global destruction, as seen with the 2009 H1N1 flu outbreak. Since the 1970s, that fascination has been illustrated in pandemic novels and films about epidemics. Here are 5 of the greatest pandemics in fiction to date. Also you can watch all pandemic movies online on movies123 site.

Outbreak Review | Movie - Empire

Outbreak the Movie

This 2005 screenplay was inspired by a historical epidemic of Ebola in Africa during the year 1976 and similar outbreaks in Virginia, Texas, the Philippines, and Italy. In this movie, the Ebola-like virus is called "Motaba." An infected monkey sets in motion a chain of events that ends with the quarantine of an entire town to stop the Motaba outbreak from becoming a worldwide pandemic.

Andromeda Strain by Michael Crichton

The techno-thriller Andromeda Strain, written in 1969, tells the story of what happens when an explorative space probe returns to earth bringing with it a deadly virus. With humans completely unprepared to deal with the alien strain, infections are fatal. The novel was adapted to film in 1971 and was eventually turned into a 2008 TV series on A&E.

Outbreak and Contagion by Robin Cook

In Outbreak (1987), a deadly Ebola epidemic sweeps across America. Something doesn't seem quite right about the outbreaks to one of the Atlanta Center for Disease Control agents, however, and as she investigates deeper she uncovers a very dark conspiracy. That 1995 NBC television film Virus is based on the novel. Contagion (1996) is a similar story of conspiracy and the epidemic of a rare strain of influenza released on the unsuspecting population.

Stephen King: Coronavirus isn't as serious as 'The Stand' pandemic

The Stand by Stephen King

The Stand (1987) details the escape and spread of a man-made superflu virus called "Project Blue." The virus is an extremely deadly strain of pandemic virus that kills over 99% of the world's population. The apocalyptic novel ends with a battle between good and evil. The Stand was adapted into an 8-hour television miniseries in four parts in 1994.

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Pandemic by Daniel Kalla

In this 2005 medical crime thriller, the anticipated echo of the 1918 Spanish influenza pandemic arrives. Based on the SARS scare of 2007, Pandemic tells the story of the outbreak of Acute Respiratory Collapse Syndrome, which kills one in every four people it infects.

Fiction is full of pandemic diseases, probably because it's still hard to believe that something as microscopic as a virus can cause such panic and devastation. Epidemics in fiction, movies, and television continue to entertain - and maybe give people a healthy dose of fear in the process.