The future of the gaming industry

The gaming industry is growing every year and the latest figures show that the sector will reach its maximum potential by 2025. The gaming industry includes gambling, casinos, slot machines, online casinos, etc. 

When we think of casino gaming and entertainment, Las Vegas and Australia come to mind. It is these two territories, Las Vegas and Australia, that have been taken into consideration when examining past data and making future growth projections.

By 2025, Denmark will have maximum potential

What's so special about Denmark? Well, this country is very casino friendly with a legal framework. Let's start with a historical overview. Denmark is one of the first countries to create a system of legislation that favours gambling. The country's officials decided to keep up with progress and adapt to every technological development.

Over time, Denmark began to adapt to online casinos. Lawmakers have created a better space for online casinos and gaming platforms. Most of the country's revenue comes from Danish online slots These platforms dominate not locally, but globally.

As we know, the Danes also bet too much per capita. If we look at the money spent in 2018 and the population of Denmark, we realise that statistically every person spends more than $1000 a year on gaming platforms.

Which countries should learn from Las Vegas?

Las Vegas is the Mecca of the casino and gambling industry. The city of Las Vegas has a huge impact on Nevada's budget and annual revenue. According to official figures, Las Vegas has paid up to $10 billion in taxes, along with other cities or states. Nevada itself has huge potential for casino tourism, and state officials are taking full advantage of Las Vegas.

Las Vegas tourism is now turning into a business opportunity. Government officials have decided to make Las Vegas for everyone, not just the players. Today there are as many as 150,000 hotel rooms in Las Vegas, and the statistics are growing by 10% every year.

That said, the Las Vegas airport is ranked 8th in the world due to its busy schedule. It should also be noted that the average stay in Las Vegas is about five days.

Casinos in Australia and the US pay significant amounts of money in taxes. Should any country decide to follow in the footsteps of Las Vegas, Melbourne or Sydney, it should treat the gaming sector as the most important entertainment destination. Officials in Australia and Vegas have taken casino entertainment to a new level, and at the moment it is difficult for them to compete.