Which countries are good for tourists to visit

Traveling anywhere in the world has long ceased to be an impossible dream. Affordable flights are offered by a large number of companies. Asian countries are gaining more and more popularity among tourists.

Before you buy a plane ticket, you should choose the right place for your future vacation. It all depends on your interests and budget. So, the most popular routes are:


The most popular place is Goa. Once come to India, be sure that you enjoy excursions in Goa here www.goaservice.ru Excursions in Goa will give you the opportunity to get to know the country more deeply, because India is the birthplace of countless sages and philosophers - from Buddha Shakyamuni to Mahatma Gandhi. The culture of the "Country of the Saints" is striking in its diversity. Majestic Aryan temples, magnificent palaces of Maharajas, Buddhist monasteries of Ladakh, ashrams of great yogis.

It is not surprising that since ancient times India has been the center of attraction for seekers of truth from all over the world. If you just want to relax in a seaside resort, the beaches of Goa, Kerala, Orissa and other places along the coast are at your service. Unique culture, captivating color, incredible natural scenery, high-class seaside resorts - the east will offer something interesting for everyone.




The most ancient civilization and that says it all. To list all the sights of this country would require several thick volumes. The Shaolin Temples, the Imperial Palace in Beijing, the Great Wall are recognizable tourist brands around the world.
However, one should not forget that the Celestial Empire has a huge variety of natural recreational resources - from the golden beaches of Guangzhou to the snow-capped peaks of Tibet.

Southeast Asia.

Thailand has long been a favorite destination for Russians. But other countries in the region are not inferior in anything. Thirty seas, one hundred thousand islands, and millions of secrets hidden under the shadow of the monastery verandas and in the eyes of the locals.
Learn to surf in Bali, take a picture with a tiger in Cambodia, admire the modern architecture of Singapore - such memories remain for a lifetime!

Travel preparation.

If you are going to plunge into this mysterious world for the first time, here are some useful notes. Most host companies and hotels will provide everything you need if you have money. But there is one point that deserves special attention - sanitation. Often, in Asian countries, its level is not very high. Be sure to find out what precautions you need to take, whether you need to do additional vaccinations. And don't skimp on insurance. Good health is the key to a pleasant holiday!