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CyberArk has joined hands with Puppet as an Advanced Technology Partner. CyberArk and Puppet are working together to create supported modules that provide automated, enterprise-grade protection of secrets and are seamlessly integrated with Puppet’s configuration automation, enabling secure, high-velocity DevOps workflows.


CyberArk Conjur is the only platform-independent secrets management solution that allows organizations to integrate secrets management and machine identity security into their projects with minimal effort. CyberArk Conjur is specifically architected for containerized environments and can be deployed on premises or to any cloud at massive scale.


CyberArk Conjur allows DevOps teams to integrate security best practices into their cloud-native application development projects with ease, while giving security team’s assurance that security and compliance best practices are being applied to these dynamic environments, without creating new security silos.


“The CyberArk Conjur module for Puppet is designed with both DevOps users and security teams in mind. It provides visibility and flexibility for Puppet secrets workflows and users can view and manage host accounts maintained by Puppet,” said Adam Bosnian, Executive Vice-President, Global Business Development, CyberArk. “The integration with Puppet furthers CyberArk’s commitment to automating secrets protection and makes it easier for organizations to recognize the benefits of using Puppet to improve productivity without changing the way developers work.”


Commenting on the partnership, Tim Zonca, Vice-President of Business Development, Puppet, said, “This integration balances security and productivity by allowing Puppet users to continue to work within the familiar Puppet interface to secure and manage secrets used by Puppet Masters, nodes and users. The integrated solution provides security with a strong authentication mechanism for machines before granting secrets, as well as implementing least privilege for nodes.”


As part of this integration, Puppet is also joining the CyberArk global technology partner program that brings together enterprise software, IT security and service providers to build on the power of privileged account security to better protect customers from cyber threats across multi-platform environments.


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