Fabric stretch ceilings: main features and advantages

The indisputable external aesthetics of an elegant matte coating makes it possible to become an excellent alternative to the PVC film. In the process of polyester impregnation, polyurethane is obtained very thin, but quite durable material, which is the basis for the manufacture of tissue stretch ceilings. The price of such a coating is several times higher from PVC ceilings. This is one of the shortcomings, but thanks to many advantages, tissue stretch ceilings are in great demand today.

What attracts unusual material?

The texture of the tissue canvas is almost impossible to distinguish from ordinary plaster. Due to the matte textured surface, the appearance of the perfectly aligned ceiling is created. The main operational characteristics of the tissue ceilings include:

- Safety for the health of people - synthetic material does not smell, does not emit harmful substances.

- Thermal resistance - the canvas is not deformed and retains its original properties at temperatures from -40 to +80 degrees.

- Strength - tissue ceiling almost 20 times more firmly PVC films.

- Durability - even with long-term operation, the appearance of folds and the fields of the canvas are eliminated. - High sound insulation indicators.

- The ability to quickly install.

- Fire resistance - the material does not support the process of burning.

- Antibacterialness - fungal and mold spores are not developed on the surface of the fabric.

- Infinite opportunities for the embodiment of design ideas

Fissure stretch ceilings look exquisitely and perfectly combined with any style of the interior. Most of all, they are suitable for traditional classics and baroque, imitating high-quality plaster. The large width of the canvas (about 5m) makes it possible to make a seamless surface in very spacious rooms. You can pick up a single tissue fabric ceiling or use photo printing as decor. The pattern on the canvas is not bright, ensuring the effect of frescoes.

An artistic painting is also suitable for finishing, which is absolutely not applicable to PVC film. The heat-resistant canvas does not change the initial color under the action of high temperature. Therefore, on such a ceiling, you can mount high power lighting devices, not worrying that after a while around the lamp will appear the "burnt" stain. It is very important to properly install tissue stretch ceilings. Fizzslots