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Dear Friends,

VARINDIA initiated its endeavour of value creation since 1999 and emerged as the fountain head of Knowledge and media vehicle for Indian Technology industry, which is all set to redefine the dynamics of growth and development in the technology driven cyber age of 'Knowledge Based Economy'.

Organizations across industries enjoy the benefits of digital transformation: It enables businesses to modernize legacy processes, accelerate efficient workflows, strengthen security, and increase profitability. Digital transformation changes the way an organization operates. Systems, processes, workflow, and culture are all part of this process. This transformation brings an opportunity for the partners and VARs .

The current time has made Indian organizations realize the importance of having an IT infrastructure which is flexible and provides them with the agility to adapt to the ever-changing business environment. We are living in a data era, where constant investment in digital technologies to meet the barriers to progress is a must.

The domestic revenue of the IT industry is estimated at US$ 45 billion and export revenue is estimated at US$ 150 billion in FY21. IT spending in India is estimated to reach US$ 93 billion in 2021 (7.3% YoY growth) and further increase to US$ 98.5 billion in 2022. India is the topmost offshoring destination for IT companies across the world. The industry is expected to grow to US$ 350 billion by 2025 and BPM is expected to account for US$ 50 55 billion of the total revenue.

VARINDIA as a high-tech publication, has been closely working with MeitY, DoT, MSME, various Industry Bodies and academia to create value for the Indian ICT sector. Secondly, our focus for targeting the growth of MSMEs and SMEs, who are the vehicle for inclusive growth to create local demand are the target audience for the year 2022-23 events apart from the Channel/VARs.

We will continue doing the events (Physical/Virtual/Hybrid) by bring together VARs, Channel Partners, CIO/CTO/CISO and SMBs under various platforms to exchange thoughts and best practices on mobility, cloud and cyber security - the three rising trends for the current year 2022-23.

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