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Agile Data Protection Strategy cuts implementation time: Survey

SafeNet has announced the results conducted from a survey of 257 Asia-Pacific security professionals .The results of the survey reveal that time and costs are the biggest pains for implementing a typical enterprise data protection project. 


The survey also found that 37% of the participants affirmed that a typical enterprise data protection project takes 6-8 months, and out of the remaining participants 28% affirmed that it takes even longer than a year.


According to the survey findings, it has been revealed that some organizations often must invest significant time, effort and planning to create a security system that protects it’s most valuable assets.


SafeNet’s Data Encryption and Control solutions allow an enterprise to centrally and uniformly deploy encryption for data protection that sprawls the entire enterprise information infrastructure and does so in an agile, incremental and scalable fashion.


SafeNet’s centralized encryption solution allows an enterprise to start by focusing only on one of its most sensitive business applications, and encrypt sensitive data only in that application by putting it under the coverage of the encryption engine. The enterprise  can incrementally add-on new applications or processes to the existing centralized encryption framework.


As per the survey , 66% of the participants perceived SafeNet’s Agile Data Protection Strategy to take less than 4 weeks to 2-4 months to execute.


SafeNet encryption solutions deliver unified coverage—securing databases, applications, personal identifiable information (PII), and storage in the physical and virtual datacenter and the cloud.