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AXILSPOT counts channel friendly business policy as key to success

In a chat with VARINDIA, Pinaki Chatterjee, Regional Director, India & SAARC, AXILSPOT discussed on how AXILSPOT is proving itself better in the current scenario of India’s digital interface and how it is enabling its partners while discussing about its future business expansion - 



What are the current trends witnessed in the present market? How is AXILSPOT finding the Indian market?


Due to Govt. initiatives like Digital India, Smart City etc., there is a huge boost in IT infrastructure; specifically WiFi now is the era. India IT infrastructure is yet to be developed unlike other countries where you walk in to any public place and you can instantly connect to free WiFi. After Govt. declared multiple smart cities, WiFi has become the first demand, at the same time most of these projects are Private Public investment mode. Therefore the solution must be technically astounding as well as cost effective to deliver. 


For AXILSPOT, India market is one of the top most priority, we have dedicated team to address the needs of Indian customers. We have our office in India along with a highly knowledgeable team and a qualified product manager to take care of India customer. We are getting enormous response due to the products that we are offering. We are a company, delivering products rich in features and offering handsome margins to our partners and at the same time cost effective to end customers.  It is a win-win for AXILSPOT and its partners, that’s the reason; we have an excellent sales infrastructure in place. We have signed strong and reliable national distributor Redington and to sum up, we have 10 exclusive regional distributors across the county. Apparently we are working on 4 smart city projects, 7-8 large college campus projects and many SME and enterprise projects. And all the credit for the same goes to our peerless partners who did all the hard work to promote our brand to their customers.   


What makes AXILSPOT different than its other counterparts?


Just a few of the most important points which make AXILSPOT the brand we are

1. Strong channel friendly business policy

2. Reliable distribution network

3. We secure our partners margins and projects through different means

4. Performance and stability of the product

5. Ease of working

6. Easy access to AXILSPOT team and resources

7. Quick resolution to issue if reported

8. No tall claims and fake promises

9. No stock dumping


How AXILSPOT deals in different industry verticals? Which business vertical is earning more numbers for the company?


Our key focus is SME and Enterprise customers, we are SI focused brand and we are focusing on Govt., Education, Hospitality, Banking, Manufacturing, Mining and Corporate sector.

Smart city, Education and Govt. is from where we are expecting our maximum revenue.


Please comment on the current situation of India in context to the entire digital interface?  How is AXILSPOT contributing to this initiative of Digital India?


World is changing fast and Internet is now a basic need.  The old low cost Wi-Fi solution is not sufficient as it does not perform. Most of the applications are now migrating to cloud. And current low cost, low performance products are not even worth in managing current smart phone data traffic etc. Most WiFi infrastructure laid 2-3 years back are now getting upgraded due to performance demand as well as technology change. Gone are the days, where high-end technology was offered only by few premium brands at premium price. Now technology changes fast within a year or two and no one is willing to invest on high cost equipments as there is no ROI. It is where AXILSPOT can contribute most, by offering high technology WiFi equipment/solutions at lower cost along with strong performance.


For AXILSPOT, India is one of the most important and focused country. We are here to make a difference to partners as well as digitalise India ecosystem. We are already in to multiple smart city projects, apart from that few Govt. projects already bear AXILSPOT brand name on them. And partners are happy as we take care of their margins and secure their projects.


With the recent escalation in digital adoption what kind of opportunities persists for channel partners at present?


World is changing fast, most of the retail and high demand products have moved to online sales. Current brands crave beyond market size and had made a gruesome competition due to which partner bleed at the end. The best way to keep moving ahead is keep adopting new technologies. Always practice educating the customers and not just emphasize on box selling. We at AXILSPOT offer handsome margins, provide training to understand current WiFi related technologies. We’re equipped with wide range of products to offer from. We don’t sell online and we don’t dump stocks on partners to avoid unnecessary challenges. Gone are the days when partners can be fooled merely by awarding partner certificate. Now partners look for margins against their hard work, AXILSPOT is creating an ecosystem where partner can join hands with us and grow together with peace of mind.


What are your future plans to expand the reach of its operations in the country?


We have just started; we already got the sales infrastructure, office, PM etc. And moving ahead, we are in the process of setting up toll free number. We are looking at the expansion of sales team, service centres etc. Most of the setting up of infrastructure has already been planned and now we are taking steps, one after another to ensure, by mid of next year we have the over-all infrastructure is in place.


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