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Bohitesh Misra, Vice President - IT & BI, Simpa Networks

“Some of the priorities that we plan for this year are primarily solar IoT security - this is again a challenging field wherein the security of the IoT devices is a big challenge. IoT, big data, analytics, and blockchain are going to be disrupting technologies and are also going to sustain this year,” says Bohitesh Misra, Vice President - IT & BI, Simpa Networks.


And so...

Going forward, CIOs expect their jobs to change due to digitalization. While world-class IT delivery role is a worldwide phenomenon, it will increasingly take up less of the CIO's time. Respondents believe that the two biggest transformations in the CIO role will be to become a change leader, followed by assuming increased and broader responsibilities. Inevitably, the job of CIO will extend beyond the traditional delivery roles to other areas of the business, such as innovation management and talent development.


2018 will see a fundamental shift in the role of the CIO in businesses that recognize the value of instant, limitless scalability and immediate access to innovation. Postmodern CIOs will -

•    Move from operating IT to innovating business operations
•    Swap owning software for leveraging interlocking cloud ERP solutions across an ecosystem
•    Shift from managing teams to growing an inclusive, confident workforce
•    Change the focus from keeping the lights on to delivering differentiation. 

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