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Cambium Networks tries to be the network partner of choice for its customers

Rajiv Kapoor, Vice President, India & SAARC - Cambium Networks tells VARINDIA briefly of how innovation in its products is the way forward for the company and what kind of connectivity challenges it ties to address of its customers -  

As the demand for connectivity continues to grow for both business and residential customers, Cambium Networks looks at providing industry leading spectral efficiency enabling network operators to achieve the highest possible information throughput in the least amount of precious spectrum. 

“This keeps the company on the cutting edge of innovation,” says Rajiv Kapoor, Vice President, India & SAARC, Cambium Networks. “Wireless connectivity is proven to provide reliable and cost effective connectivity solutions. The limited resource that wireless depends on is RF Spectrum. Our most recent achievement being the PMP 450m multipoint distribution access solution, which uses massive, MU-MIMO and beam forming technology to communicate with seven subscribers simultaneously and provide throughput to stream video in a narrow 20 MHz channel.”

India is moving ahead with digital transformation that is expected to create a virtuous cycle of knowledge sharing. The benefits of digitization are to bring significant social changes and Cambium understands this very well. To complement the digitization wave, Cambium has a slew of applications and products that are for both residential and industrial purpose. For residential applications, Cambium Networks wireless broadband connectivity solutions provide a rapidly deployable, affordable solution that connects communities and reduces the digital divide. For enterprises its cnPilot solutions provide indoor and outdoor 802.11ac Wi-Fi connectivity to provide a seamless blanket of coverage across the entire business, whether it’s retail, hospitality, education, or public venue. For industrial customers seeking to achieve the efficiencies of IIoT solutions, Cambium’s cnReach solutions provide wireless connectivity for field sensors and controls, enabling a completely connected field operation for utilities, oil and gas, and mining operations.

At the same time Cambium tries to transform the entire business processes of its client’s organisation resulting in its tremendous business visibility. It does this by supporting the initiatives of enterprise and industrial users who see the cost efficiencies in reducing leased lines and their associated recurring costs. “These customers see the operation benefits in owning and operating their own network and managing connectivity and security tailored to meet their specific business requirements. They will have faster access to information and controls, which will eventually help them make informed decisions to respond appropriately and faster when facing an opportunity or any business challenge. These customers are experiencing the benefits of a connected operation, and are leaders in their respective markets,” explains Rajiv.