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Candefero Channel Partner of the Year Awards -APAC (2017)

The Candefero Channel Partner of the Year Awards recognize outstanding performance in specific areas - Revenue Growth, Innovation and Transformation, Cloud: Software, Cloud: Managed Services and Infrastructure Growth, together with an overall Channel Partner of the Year award. 

The winners in the categories are as follows -
•    Fujisoft Incorporated as the Candefero Channel Partner of the Year     
•    Kawloon Networks System for Revenue Growth
•    ACPL Systems for Innovation and Transformation
•    Embee Software for Cloud: Software
•    ASI Solutions for Cloud: Managed Services
•    SMS Global Technologies for Infrastructure Growth.

Cheryl Cook
Sr. V.P. and Global Channel marketing-DELL EMC

“Through the Dell EMC partner program, partners are seeing exponential growth and unprecedented profit that is fuelling their business and encouraging them to invest in the future.

It's not just technology. It's not just business. It is the intersection of business and the industry's best technology and remarkable partners focused on helping customers realise the extraordinary.

 Dell Technologies is now the largest IT company in the industry, with strategically aligned businesses from Dell core client technologies - with edge capabilities and edge computing, Dell EMC with its core data centre capabilities and infrastructure, virtue stream for mission-critical workloads and applications, with VMware as the industry's largest capability from a software perspective, and with RSA or even Secure Works which offers a cloud-based monitoring capability. And these capabilities in the company have really created an unbelievable strong financial position for the company.

We are investing over $4.5 billion in R&D annually to ensure driving and marching to deliver the next set of technologies and invasions to help the growth where the customers are looking to modernize their infrastructure and their data centres. We are the number 1 in the world in storage, and then certainly here in this market, with over 19 %, we are number 1 in storage in APJ as well. We are number 1 in the server business. With our new leadership announcement, John Burn has now been asked to lead North America sales, and as a result, Joyce Mullen has been our new president of global sales. This announcement was made last week.

 Lastly, a year ago, we told you that our channel business was $35 billion. As I stand here today, our channel business is $43 billion, growing four times the market at an unbelievable scale. So we thank you and we ask you to continue to work with us because we think the opportunity is amazing for you as well.”


Richard Bailey
President, Asia Pacific & Japan –HP Inc.

“Digitisation or digital transformation, or servitization where everything is a service to drive our future are creating new opportunities for all of us. This is how we will drive mutually profitable growth together. As the world becomes digital and we become increasingly interconnected, security threats will grow and take on new forms. A little software update will allow me to create a back door directly into someone else’s network.

The launch of 3D printing is going to become mainstream for manufacturing, a world within which goods no longer will only move by air, sea, rail and road, but would move as a digital file and that is an enormous opportunity for everybody in this room. 

 With the acquisition of Samsung, it took HP into the A3 or copier business. Copiers have always lived as a service model or a cost-per-copy or a click model. So the benefit for all of you is we have opened up an addressable market of $54 billion globally, exactly equal to the size of our A4 printer market that you all participate in today. But, of course, we must continue to pride in best-in-class devices and security. So across PC and print, we are focused on three things - Protecting the device; identity and data. HP is soon becoming the leader in end-point security as per IDC.

 Lastly, let's continue to partner together to create shared value, enable our customers to digitally transform and move to more flexible service models. So this is a journey for HP, both here in the region and globally, and it will continue to add value to your businesses. My team and I are committed to working with your business every day.” 

Amar Babu
Vice President & COO (Asia Pacific)- Lenovo

“It's different now for Lenovo. Different for being able to make a difference in terms of improving what can work, how our customers use technology, and we hope that we can work with you so that you can provide an end-to-end solution to your customers. The company is built by an engineering and design team doing the impossible for the last 25 years. The second wave is that we would like to challenge new businesses, the data centre business and mobile business we acquired from Motorola.

Today, in fact we sell more phones than we sell PCs. We have been doing that now for a couple of years. We have a strong investment coming up into new devices like AR/VR, artificial intelligence, and we are being able to build that not just from a device standpoint but also able to put that into the cloud and build a solution around these new technologies. We sense that a lot of IoT devices are moving to the computer, laptops and desktops & other new form factors and to the datacenter, driving the right level of analytics and artificial intelligence. The ability to leverage cloud technologies and the ability to bring this whole gamut of digital solutions to you, for you to be able to integrate in your eco-system is what we are counted for.

I think the key is you are going to be the partner, the provider who is going to bring these solutions to our customers. Translate the technology, translate the host of opportunities available for you and build it into a solution and that's where we come in. For Lenovo, it's been a channel strategy for us always. For us, channel is our partners. We have the responsibility to build and deliver those innovative products to you consistently. It's been a long journey that we have made together, and you have heard that we are different.

Lastly, we don't look at you just as a road to market; you are an extension of Lenovo. 95 % of our business in Asia Pacific goes to business partners.”

Phil Davis
Global sales officer for Hewlett Packard Enterprise 

“As digital transformation continues to disrupt every industry, customers have turned to HPE as a trusted partner to help them navigate to this new world. Partnering with HPE, you are partnering literally with a company that was founded with the strategy - Partner first and it runs through our DNA, and we are very proud of that and committed to continuing.

Our strategy, is very simple and it's been very consistent -
# One, we make hybrid IT simple.
# Two, we power the intelligent edge.
# and three, we drive that through our services expertise. 

As I talk to customers, a lot of them have moved very aggressively into the public cloud, and that will continue. 
Moving a bunch of data into the cloud and pulling it out can be very expensive, as there's a lot of lock-in with different cloud vendors once you get all of your data into that cloud. We need partnerships from various angles, not just with the partnerships in this room - the distributors, but it also includes SIs, software partners like SAP and Microsoft, and investing heavily to bring that entire ecosystem to bear. The recent announcement at Discover stated that we will move beyond infrastructure as a service to outcome as a service. We are now making HANA as a service, we are now making available, back-up as a service, and as we go forward, we see the opportunity to extend beyond our leadership and flexible capacity all the way to business outcome as a service. In all of these, investments continue to be aligned with our three core values. 

HPE is acquiring a lot of new technologies to enable the Channel to sell these technologies. So I think there are opportunities where HPE will continue to partner closely and innovate around how we work together.”