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Cloudera helps customers gain valuable insights from the large volumes of data

There has been a huge shift seen in organizations’ business strategies of late. Before, it was clear that businesses focused on enhancing the overall customer experience and most organizations moved to engage big data and analytics to derive deeper insights. But today with the sophistication of cyber threats and increasingly complex data privacy laws and regulations, business leaders must be tackling these challenges head-on to stay ahead in today’s competitive economy.

“We believe that we are now in the sixth wave of automation – the automation of decisions. Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) will take center stage in the year ahead and enable businesses to automate processes and drive information-driven decision making in a more scalable way,” says Mark Micallef, Vice President, Asia Pacific & Japan – Cloudera. “Cloudera aims to deliver an end-to-end scalable big data solution built on an Open Source platform targeting several industries to enhance customer insights, detect cyber threats and anomalies, maintain compliance with the latest industry regulations and to accelerate business technology roadmaps.”

Cloudera’s mission from the very beginning was to help companies quickly and easily gain value from their rising volumes of data and to do things that weren’t possible before. To accomplish this, Cloudera has focused on building a strong partnership network in the region so that its solutions can reach a wider customer base and benefit more people. Recently, it announced a partnership with Tech Data in ASEAN to offer an end-to-end, ready-to-use solution to drive turnkey Smart City and IoT projects across ASEAN. Other solution providers like Qlik, Talend, StreamSets, Securonix and Informatica are built on top of the Cloudera platform, making it easier and faster for customers to solve their business problems.

“We also believe in continually deepening relationships with customers that have entrusted us to help derive value out of their data. In India, we have enabled organizations like Airtel, NxtGen and YES Bank to develop customized campaigns for consumers and manage data, collect and manage growing volumes of data in one centralized, secure and fully governed platform,” says Mark.

As an Open Source company, education, upskilling, and knowledge sharing have always been part of the Cloudera ethos. Since 2016, Cloudera has launched BASE (Big Data Skills Enablement), an industry-led ecosystem that is designed to groom a future workforce of data professionals.


Mark Micallef
Vice President, Asia Pacific & Japan – Cloudera