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Cloudera launches its fifth annual Sessions roadshow 2017 in APAC

Cloudera, Inc. has announced its fifth annual Sessions roadshow, including dates and locations for the complimentary one-day event. The roadshow, aimed at helping organizations determine an intelligent path toward data platform modernization, has expanded to include more than 20 cities globally. 2017 will also see the launch of the inaugural Cloudera E-Sessions (CES) in the Asia-Pacific region on 23 May, 2017, with the Sessions content made available on-demand in English, Chinese, Japanese and Korean. The virtual sessions will explore topics such as Data Science and Machine Learning.

Both the sessions events and CES will feature real-life examples of organizations and how they are using data to improve business critical decision-making. Alongside, the CES will provide organizations in the Asia-Pacific region with a platform to discuss the use of big data across industries with Cloudera’s subject-matter experts. Among several subjects, the CES will discuss the real purpose of data science and how organizations can utilize Cloudera’s solutions, such as Apache Spark MLlib, to better leverage distributed systems and broaden the possibilities of Machine Learning implementations, while lowering costs.

“Cloudera is helping organizations use data to make what is impossible today, possible tomorrow,” said Daniel Ng, Senior Marketing Director, APAC for Cloudera. “The launch of CES in Asia-Pacific will allow us to reach more markets, and provide accessibility and availability to everyone anywhere, anytime.”

Each event will also feature Cloudera partners and end-users who will share production use- cases, best practices and lessons learned in the field. Attendees will also have the opportunity to:

· Learn how to transform vast amounts of complex data into clear and actionable insights for their businesses through a mix of presentations, demos and hands-on sessions.

· Gain firsthand insight into how many of the leading minds in IT are using data-driven insights to grow businesses, improve efficiencies and manage risk.

· Delve into new use-cases for Machine Learning which are emerging every day – ranging from predictive maintenance and fraud detection, to product recommendation engines and proactive customer support and more.

· Network with the who’s who of local and like-minded data innovators.

· Hear from local companies which are deriving real value from their data and sharing their real-life experiences.

Cloudera Sessions 2017 in Asia-Pacific are scheduled as below:

May 2017

Launch of CES across Asia-Pacific – Australia, China, Hong Kong, the Philippines, India, Indonesia, New Zealand, Singapore, Thailand, and Japan

June 2017

Sydney, Australia

Melbourne, Australia

July 2017

Seoul, Korea

August 2017

Canberra, Australia

November 2017

Beijing, China

Shanghai, China

Shenzhen, China

Melbourne, Australia

December 2017

Brisbane, Australia