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Dheeraj Chawla, CIO, Shib Dass & Sons Pvt. Ltd.

“Any firm should apt to the latest innovations and technologies if it has to compete in the current market environment, the technologies if industry specific can do wonders but if it is adaptive in a fast run without doing proper R & D works out to be more troublesome. We in our firm believe in the thought process of viewing it in four parameters of Need, Cost, Scalability and R.O.I (Return On Investment) factor. RPA is a vast unexplored and a big buzz for the coming century. Robots and Robotics will be dominating the man and machines if are adopted well into the need based environment that is good and need of an hour,” says Dheeraj Chawla, CIO, Shib Dass & Sons Pvt. Ltd.


The latest technologies or Industry 4.0 is considered as new age industrial revolution which has the ability to transform economies, jobs and even society. For the growth of the business it is an imperative these days to adopt new technologies as the new wave of digitization is going on across the nation. 

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