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Extreme Networks pushes for  ‘Unmatched, Unrivalled’  services and support

Digital transformation has landed, and agility and adaptiveness are key to surviving and thriving. The customer’s network is no longer a need-to-have, but it’s an ongoing generator of business value. 


In this digital era, customers need to have a network partner who will help them drive competitive advantage, accelerate innovation and improve the customer experience.


Bob Gault
Chief Revenue and Services Officer  
Extreme Networks 

“Our positioning is around providing solutions to big companies. The Extreme Networks brand is all about providing the services. We position Extreme in verticals; we have 7 key verticals that we play in and we provide them automatic campus solution and agile datacenter solutions. 


We bring all these solutions through a single, unified common management platform. When we do that it gives the IT Manager the ability to manage end-to-end solutions underneath one single platform. 


We can then provide them the power shields as well as the analytics from the edge or through the campus into the datacenter. That is important to us.


The key ingredient or the ‘secret sauce’is the fabric. The fabric is something we integrated into our campus solutions and to the edge. For us, the fabric is what automates everything.” 


These tenets define who Extreme Networks is. Its commitment is to customer success. It collaborates with over 30,000 customers all around the globe to build software-driven solutions from the enterprise edge to the cloud that are agile, adaptive, and secure while continuing to value the attributes of a small company by remaining nimble and responsive to ensure customer success. 


Extreme Networks is relentless in its commitment to helping customers and partners build networks which accelerates their digital transformation and drive disruption on their terms. It calls this Customer-Driven Networking.

Inspired by the growing need for a network that inspires innovation and ignites customer business, with an unshakable commitment to helping them succeed, Extreme has brought together the industry’s best tools, talent and technology to become the world’s first end-to-end enterprise networking company. Its products focus on access/ edge, the campus core, and the datacenter and across all of these segments are applications, services and support to ensure optimal end-to-end service delivery and the highest customer satisfaction. 


Extreme Networks offers the most comprehensive, high performance products and solutions that are purpose-built to meet the unique challenges within each segment, while at the same time optimizing the user experience. 


In this age of acceleration and digital transformation, Extreme’s customer-driven solutions will enable its customers to achieve greater agility, efficiency and business success. 


Extreme Networks Services provide customers with comprehensive options to help them transform networking from a technology necessity to a business driving, RoI generator. 


Today, Nutanix’s worldwide customers leverage the power of Extreme to take their networks to the next level. Its 100% insourced support team is made of highly trained experts who are passionate about helping its customers get the most out of their investment in technology. Extreme Networks believes that there are no boundaries when it comes to implementing bright-sized network solutions on customers’ terms, no matter which industry they are in. Extreme simply asks its customers to have confidence in the expertise and support they are entitled to.  


Extreme Network’s customers range from fast-growing companies, hospitals with doctors who need instant access to life-saving information and stadiums packed with 80,000 connected fans. Regardless of size, organizations who need the utmost in performance, reliability and service on Extreme to deliver powerful software-driven networking solutions. 


Subhasish Gupta
Regional Director – India & SAARC, Extreme Networks


“We are in a very dynamic market. The addressable market size is $800 million+. We aim to grow in this market and the way we are working out the acquisitions internally, the way we converge our solutions, that brings in huge opportunities for us and for our partners in the India market. 


Today customers have invested in many different technologies. We do not want to create a lock-in kind of a situation for our customers. We as a company are talking about a complete suite of products; we are talking about open standards; we are talking about not limiting to Extreme with respect to hardware products. There is a very strong software suite that sits on the top which is what integrates a heterogeneous kind of an environment. And that is not only on the wired front but also on the wireless front and we are slowly taking to the cloud.  

We are strongly focused on 4-5 verticals. We do not to get de-focussed by targeting too many verticals.”



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