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For Suse, market trends and technology remain as key factors for its success 

Deepti Sharma
Head of Marketing - SUSE 

“The role of a CMO is very broad now a days. As a CMO, I am presently leading the Marketing function at SUSE across four countries, including India, Sri Lanka, Nepal and Bangladesh. I have successfully driven marketing operations, marketing ROI, budget management, strategies across multiple channels, branding, lead generation, digital presence and other customer/prospect outreach programs. I have overseen the expansion of the company’s business through strategic alliances and partnerships with leading global brands.

At SUSE, we believe in the power of the digital world and have orchestrated a broad strategy to maximize our presence on the digital platform. We are also reaching our prospective customers through various new age marketing tools apart from the direct sales approach. We always work towards evolving customer needs. Keeping an eye on the market trends and technology have been two key factors to achieve success for the organization. Conceptualizing new and diverse marketing innovation has worked as a mantra for us to make our customers satisfied. We at SUSE, work closely with our client's management, stakeholders and customers to analyse and condense gathered intelligence into descriptive messages that embody the company and brand's meaning.

In India, SUSE is growing by double digits, and with open source being at the heart of the Indian government’s IT Policy, SUSE is expanding at a significant rate."

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