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F-secure bringing in the right focus to address security in the country

Rahul Kumar as the newly appointed Country Manager of F-secure India & SAARC expresses his views on expanding business in India, the roadmap for the year ahead and how he will work on channel market. Highlighting F-Secure’s key areas, Rahul Kumar, Country Manager of F-secure India & SAARC stressed on how his company is helping its customers and become a trusted advisor to them while also defining its positioning - 


F-Secure wants to position itself as a company that helps customers secure their data and infrastructure. To start with,F-Secure helps them to move in a step by step kind of frame of security rather just doing a bit here and there. The company also wants to bring in the right focus for them in the market by moving in a much focused manner that they know will bring in results for them as a company and help them get there. Positioning and bringing in the right focus are the two top priorities in the mind of Rahul Kumar, Country Manager, F-Secure India & SAARC.


According to Rahul, the regulations that are coming in, some of which are in the draft stage are a good start. “Right now we have the flexibility to pick and choose the good things from different global regulations like GDPR or the regulations from some of the states in U.S or in Singapore or in South Africa. Thisis a step in the right direction, but there is still something left to be decided which is breach notification. Breach notification to my mind is one of those things which will do a good to the world and the country in particular. This will ensure that the company is good at response and will also indicate that the company does not lack security. But there has to be timeframe for that. This sounds very punishing in short term but in long term it sets the field very evenly for the entire country. Of course there are things that we need to keep evolving.”


F-Secure acknowledges that there are a lot of local players in the market place and there is a space where both local and global players can co-exist. If it is about their growth aspiration, F-Secure has a very solid product for them to back themselves. It never gets swayed by the fact that there could be competition offering A, B, C product. It believes in bringing in the right set of protection for the customers with their existing solutions and doing the timely upgrades. The Indian landscape is very big from an antivirus perspective and F-Secure sees a good opportunity in it. 


Security Scenario in India…

Rahul confesses that there is lack of awareness in the Indian CIO eco system. “That can be improved for all of them as this market gets up every morning and has a new thing up there for everybody to consume,” Rahul says.“Customers have to understand what they need as there is a solution for everybody. But they also have to be sure why a customer needs a product – is it because it is an exciting product or because they are looking at security more seriously. If one realizes that need they will find a budget to meet it,” he adds. 


F-Secure wishes to set the right focus for who they are and what value it can bring in. 

"To me it’s always the value we hold whenever we go to our customers. We are a very fundamentally focused company. We want to focus on the right things for securingour customers and we want to lead that with the partners. We want to get to the partners and help them understand what they can do to increase their bottom line. These are the two things we want to stress very well. We are a very channel focused company and all our products that the country sells are built for the channel. The product addresses what they meant to be addressing and that strong product functionality comes from the background of our very strong team in the company. We bring in from our experience and try to put in the products to help our customers,” he says.


He further adds, “We want the channel to instill confidence in our customers. I can certainly say that the channel will be very excited of what we will bring to the table. My interest is to go out and communicate this to the channel. We are here to help the channel grow by increasing their profitability and managing their stickiness to our customers.” 

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