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Fujitsu kicks off its World Tour 2017 in India

The Fujitsu World Tour is on the road again for the 10th consecutive year, this year highlighting how Fujitsu is partnering with customers to co-create the digital future. In 2017, the biggest ever Fujitsu World Tour is extended into Asia for the first time and began the Indian chapter today. The theme is Digital Co-creation, focusing on how Fujitsu works in tandem with customers to connect the digital dots and support business growth. In total, Fujitsu expects to welcome more than 14,000 attendees.


Fujitsu addresses these digitalization challenges head-on, with the Fujitsu World Tour demonstrating innovative, holistic solutions that encompass and enhance existing technologies and investments – grouped into themes such as Workplace Anywhere, Hyperconnected Business and Infrastructure for the Digital World, and addressing industry megatrends like Cybersecurity, Artificial Intelligence and the Internet of Things.


This year World Tour focuses on immersing customers in the exciting opportunities presented by teaming up with Fujitsu to co-create future technology solutions. As well as gaining inspiration from keynotes by Fujitsu executives, customers and partners, Fujitsu World Tour attendees can become co-creationists by interacting with demonstration technologies offering creative approaches for different business scenarios, including end-to-end solutions for vertical sectors such as healthcare, manufacturing, transport, retail and banking.


Andy Stevenson, Head of India, Turkey and Middle East, Fujitsu, comments, “In this present time and age, digital disruption is happening at a constant unrelenting pace, and it is imperative that organizations learn and adapt fast. The increasing complexity of our digital world makes it harder for any single organization to go it alone – which is why we’re highlighting the many advantages of taking a co-creation approach. This means teaming up with a technology expert like Fujitsu – and working together with us to design, implement and operate digital business solutions.


“During Fujitsu World Tour 2017 in India, we are giving visitors a look and experience into the possibility of bringing inspirational digital transformation projects to life. We are bringing together technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Cloud computing, the Internet of Things and Cybersecurity, and bridging the gaps to deliver compelling digital business outcomes. AI is perhaps the biggest buzzword at present, and moreover, we will see a lot more collaboration between platforms as well. ” adds Stevenson.


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