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Huawei selected as Platinum Member of OpenStack Foundation



Huawei has been elected as a platinum member of the OpenStack Foundation at the OpenStack's Board of Directors’ meeting, marking for the first time an Asian vendor has become a platinum member. The decision reflects Huawei's dedication to sharing its experience with the OpenStack community.


Huawei has cooperated with other vendors for a long time to bring mature and advanced techniques to customers as well as to let the community fully understand their requirements and establish an open-source ecosystem while helping their customers achieve commercial success. Huawei joined the OpenStack community in 2012 and was upgraded to the gold member status in 2013.


Huawei has provided cloud services suitable for multiple scenarios to contribute to the maturity of the OpenStack community. It has cooperated with carriers, such as, Deutsche Telekom, Telefonica and China Telecom to provide public cloud services for customers, and has also developed its own public cloud services.


Huawei spares no effort in cultivating talent in the open-source field, and it has contributed to a large number of developers and work groups to the OpenStack community, including 6 Project Team Leads (PTL) and 21 core members. In addition, Huawei attracted more open-source developers by organizing or participating in OpenStack Bug Smash, OpenStack Days China, and various other meet-ups.


Until the end of February 2017, Huawei ranked first in completed blueprints, fourth in resolved bugs, sixth in reviews, seventh in lines of code and sixth in commits among the global OpenStack community vendors, and number one in total contribution among the Chinese community members for the Ocata release.


Zheng Yelai, President, IT Product Line, Huawei, said, "Huawei started our OpenStack journey in 2012, and we have been consistently increasing our contribution to OpenStack with focus and passion ever since. Our goal is to make OpenStack a huge success, and to build OpenStack so that it may truly bring value to our customers. We are honoured to be selected as a platinum member and will continue to demonstrate our leadership and commitment to developing OpenStack and its ecosystem."