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India ranks sixth among spam relaying: Sophos reports

Sophos has released highlights of the latest "Dirty Dozen" report of spam-relaying countries, covering the second quarter of 2013. As per the report, US retains the top spot among spam-relaying countries, Belarus in the second spot. And three new countries enter the top twelve - Ukraine, Kazakhstan and Argentina, while three other countries exit the Dirty Dozen - France, Peru and South Korea.

Half of the volume-based countries are gone, and others that would usually fly under the radar when measured on spamming volume alone, like Luxembourg and Singapore, suddenly burst onto the scene. This doesn't mean that Singapore is replete with spam-related cybercriminality.
Paul Ducklin, Security Evangelist, Sophos, said, "Remember that the Dirty Dozen doesn't tell us from where the spam originates. It tells us how spam gets relayed from the crooks to their potential victims. Even if you're the most law-abiding citizen of the most law-abiding country in the world, you might be helping to project your own country into the Dirty Dozen if you don't take security seriously on your own computer. It may sound corny, but security really does begin at home."
Although the Dirty Dozen denotes the extent to which a country's computers are used for delivering spam, it doesn't identify where the spammers themselves are located.

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