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Innovation, Product portfolio and Experience – the three things that define Prysm

GB Kumar
VP, APAC, Prysm Inc.

“There are numerous companies that provide basic collaboration capabilities but Prysm offers a unique and innovative environment, enabling its users to access various content and data at the same time; while many traditional systems allow its users to only bring up one piece of content for review at a time, when in a group setting. It combines live applications, content, video conferencing, live sources and the web into a touch-interactive visual workspace where teams can simultaneously create, edit, share and store content to maximize productivity, regardless of device or geographical location. Robust, yet easy to use due to its intuitive user interface, Prysm Digital Workplace makes business teams more efficient from the first meeting.

The differentiating factor for us as compared to our competition is three fold - 

1)    Constant Innovation,

2) Extensive Product Portfolio

3) Experience. 

We provide a standardized experience across form factors. We offer a platform that allows the users to do all of this, from video conferencing, applications, live sources to content sharing on the same platform. The most important feature of our solution is that. Our solution allows everybody to simultaneously add, edit, move and annotate the content without passing out controls to each other. For us it is important to focus on ‘global collaboration’, enabling enterprise workers to work across boundaries and borders and to experience the same collaboration experience across devices, time and places.” 

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