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By VARINDIA    2018-07-16

Jyoti Chopra, Director - IT, Glaze

“As a CIO, my first priority is to make business easy for my distributors and customers, so that we have a seamless reach of our business to them. The topmost priority for us is the mobile application, which makes them feel connected with the business; second is having the artificial intelligence to it so that they can proactively analyze where their individual strength is and how they can reach to the next level in a better way,” says Jyoti Chopra, Director - IT, Glaze.


“Initially it was very challenging as the distributors are in the tier 2 & 3 cities and touching through digital end is like touching their nerves and they were not ready to accept these technologies. They were like – you do not want us to be in your business and so you are bringing in these technologies. But now we have reached a level where they are a part of our business that is driven through technology. They are the ones who are suggesting to us now what technologies they want and giving us examples of where they need those technologies,” she says.

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