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Konica Minolta presents new Accurio Press C6100/C6085 Series



Konica Minolta has introduced new Accurio Press C6100/C6085 series. The Accurio Press C6100 series comes as an end-to-end colour production printing solution, offering industry- leading performance with features including Auto colour management, Real-time image correction, Centralized colour management as well as compatibility with numerous paper formats.


Auto colour management and front-to-back registration

The automation of density adjustment, colour management and front-to-back registration offered by the series eliminates time spent in making previous adjustments. As tasks’ including manual measurements as well as input of numerical values becomes obsolete, the scope of error in terms of measurement and inputs reduces drastically. The series also enables automated creation of colour profiles for high colour accuracy in minimal time.


Real-time image correction for uniform quality

The series also continuously monitor and rectifies gradation and front to back registration in real time without hampering the productivity one bit. The feature also improves image quality by minimising colour fluctuations, registration misalignment and other errors during printing process. It also shrinks your operational expensed by reducing.


Centralised colour management for multiple locations via cloud

Konica Minolta’s cloud colour management system enables centralized colour management of printers at different locations (in-house offices and factories, affiliates' facilities, etc) via cloud.


The colour reproduction of all connected printers, of wide-ranging models, is also remotely monitored in real-time without the requirement of any specialized skills.


S.E.A.D. V

Konica Minolta’s proprietary Screen-Enhancing Active Digital (SEAD) system, embedded in the series combines highly accurate exposure controls, precision pixel placement and advanced screening to achieve unprecedented quality and resolution. It also enables flexible processing and image smoothing control to cater to diverse needs.


Simitri HD Toner

Simitri HD toner comes as a next-generation 3-dimensional polymer structure which is highly compatible with all types of media. It also expands the colour gamut for superior image accuracy and offers more natural skin tones. The toner also requires less heat for fusing reducing power consumption significantly.


Thick Paper Compatibility

The Accurio Press C6100/C6085 series also makes printing feasible on 400gsm thick paper even while automatic duplexing with solid stability without the loss of productivity. This enables printing businesses to expand their services, including printing of thick paper tags, stand-up menus, sales promotion tools and many more.


Envelope and Banner Printing

A fusing unit in the series, devoted to envelope printing enables stable, high-quality printing on general-purpose envelopes with the least folding creases or dissimilarities in adhesive strip gloss.


The series also prints banners up to 1,300mm long as well as auto duplex them up to 762mm in length with unmatched quality.


Ideal for High Volume Jobs

Be it a printing paper of 52 or 400gsm thickness, the large-diameter upper fusing system and Simitri HDE toner concludes in an output of 100 sheets per minute. The large surface area of the fusing belt which is optimized for rapid and consistent thermal conduction results in outstanding toner fusion and high productivity.