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Konica Minolta transitioning into a cloud services company

In a chat with VARINDIA, V. Balakrishnan, EGM Konica Minolta Business Solutions India discusses about its cloud based integrated DMS solution


Konica Minolta is poised to leverage the adoption of digitization by users in India. Konica Minolta with its new solution, “ebiz VAULT”is offering a solution that is integrated to its MFP platform and will help organizations to enhance user experience in DMS (Document Management Services) segment and employee productivity.


“-Konica Minolta is one of the two brands that has grown consistently in past 5 years in India. Our focus on “adding value” and enhancing “user experience” has been a key factor for this success. With the launch of “e-bizVAULT” a fully functional DMS on the Cloud, we now offer our customers an integrated solution that will enable them to process a document in “print and digital” forms. Transitioning from being a print provider to a services provider is the key. ” says V. Balakrishnan, EGM Konica Minolta Business Solutions India.


Current focus of Konica Minolta


Konica Minolta is looking forward to offer an integrated platform so that customers do not need to perform multiple steps to leverage DMS. Konica Minolta customers will be able to leverage this solution to perform tasks as they happen instead of in a batch mode. This will ensure that business is captured as it happens all the time across the organization.

When my customer can scan a document on my MFP and use the metada captured to do multiple tasks it enhances the employee productivity. A study has revealed that people spend in excess of 30% of their time searching for information. With this solution in place, it will only be a click away!” explains Balakrishnan.

Further he adds, “We are also getting into capture and workflows which is again an integration into our MFP platform. We will help organization to automate capture and process of information in some key tasks such as Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, HR Processes, etc. . We are working on this area and will be launching it in next quarter.”

DMS market

Organizations are welcoming cloud solutions and customers have faith on Konica Minolta’s solution. Enterprises and SMBs’ are the major adopters of this solution. Apart from this, Pharmaceuticals and Statutory Compliance across organizations are also emerging as a potential areas.

“Adoption of cloud is going up. Organizations are feeling very comfortable about it. The fact that we come from Konica Minolta and we have the reputation of delivering what we promise has been a positive point. We have a lot of test sites that are running and three full production sites will go live by August. These sites are at Bangalore, Bombay and Delhi” highlights Balakrishnan.


Competition with other DMS players


In the DMS market, there are many big and small players offering similar solutions but nobody is offering complete DMS functionality integrated into MFP platform. So Konica Minolta solution has no comparison with other and also it adds maximum value to its customers.


“Primarily DMS has been positioned as a solution on Konica Minolta platform that is quick and easy to implement and grow as per your need. It is all about agility and user experience,” concludes Balakrishnan.


Aparna Mullick

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