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Kult strives to empower Millennials through its new Innovations

In a chat with VARINDIA, Nitesh Gupta, Director, New Product Development, Kult discusses how the growth of the Indian Smartphone market and the Digital India initiative will boost the demand of this market further. Nitesh also talks about the company’s strategy around support, expectations from future innovations and much more -   

The Indian mobile industry over the past decade has been witnessing a significant growth. The new technology advancements are believed to be a driving force for the growth of this industry. It is also believed that in near future, addition of new specs and upgradation will further boost the industry. 

Talking about the current Indian mobile phone industry and the company’s future plans, Nitesh said, “The Smartphone market in India is growing at an exceptional pace and the opportunities therein are limitless, with affordability combined with high specifications being one of the prime drivers.” Stating IDC’s Q2 report, he discussed that the industry registered 3.7 per cent quarter-on-quarter growth. Nitesh also believes that the latest Digital India initiative and the increasing nationwide 4G penetration will also accelerate the smartphone demand in the country. 

Talking about the company’s future plans, Nitesh discussed that today’s hyper-connected millennials demand high performance smartphones with great camera quality. He thus asserted, “At Kult, our endeavor is to offer made-in-India and best in class smartphones at very compelling price points. Having an exclusive tie-up with for distribution helps us to reach every corner of the country, which is important for the sustainability of our business. We will continue to constantly innovate ourselves and launch products that offer great experience to the customers.”

Product & support strategies…
When asked about the company’s strategy on how to address competition in the market, Nitesh discussed, “Consumers these days are much more evolved and are looking at buying smartphones which have high specifications and are available at a competitive price. Thus, for smartphones, the factors affecting a consumer’s purchase decision, apart from the strong build quality, amazing features and premium experience is the price of the device. We at, Kult, want to reach out to the tech-savvy, on-the-go young consumers who are socially active, clicks selfies, and require longer running battery on their smartphones.” 

He further added, “If you look at the last two launches from the company, they are designed for today’s youth and they have been best sellers in the category. The phenomenal success of Kult Beyond and Kult Gladiator exhibit the confidence customers have in our products and the focus we put in quality control at every stage of product development. We at, Kult, are continuously working to provide innovative products to empower millennials to have a great user experience. In the next few months, we have aggressive plans to expand the brand’s product portfolio ranging from smart devices to other utility products.”

While discussing its strategy Nitesh also spoke about Kult’s strategy around support. He said that Kult’s endeavor is always to provide best quality service to its customers through widespread network of 750+ service centers across India. “We would be extremely focused on increasing this number in coming days to ensure that our customer care experience sets new benchmark in the industry.”

Sale from channel and new innovations …
On its preeminent approach against competition and future new innovations he commented, “In coming days, we will bring more products to the market and each one will stand out among competition. KULT, itself personifies today’s millennial culture and promotes Alternate Thinking and all the products that the company will launch will be an extension of brand’s philosophy. In the next few quarters we will be launching products in multiple categories with innovations at the core of every new product development.”

Kult has partnered with to cater to the growing customer demand. Its recently launched smartphones were very well received with KULT Beyond getting sold out within few hours of its launch. “This proves that online is a successful channel and by offering Kult smartphones online, it gives us the opportunity to reach out to a wide range of consumers across the length and breadth of the nation,” he said. He further added, “As we are moving towards a smartphone only economy, it has become extremely crucial to be present on an online platform so as to connect with the digital consumers. Kult is a new age smartphone brand and we want to focus on providing innovative products to today’s hyper-demanding youth at a compelling price point.” 

Nitesh concluded by saying that smartphones act as a forerunner in terms of technology adoption and with smartphones’ shelf life of anywhere between 18-24 months, it has become extremely important for one to offer the best user experience. “We are focused on constantly innovating and empowering consumers with mobile solutions that allow them to achieve more,” he said. 

Abha Singh