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By VARINDIA    2019-02-21

Manoj Kanodia, CEO, Inspira Enterprise 

“Digital India holds the potential to transform India from a developing into a developed economy and nation. ICT infrastructure lies at the very groundwork of the success of Digital India. The robustness and the quality of ICT infrastructure will govern the success of digitization of Indian economy and success of Digital India.

We focus on Technology-driven innovation, which involves the development of new advanced technology systems, Market-driven innovation, which includes disruptive products that create personalized value propositions for our clients.

Many industries have lost the digitization battle. Through smart bundling, disruptive technologies and innovative IT products and services, Inspira is creating new avenues to bring aboard new technology more swiftly. The rate of adoption is increasing, as technology capabilities are reinforcing and creating a virtuous circle of value while lowering the risk of adoption; this is happening due to incremental and fast learning as well as faster access to information.

At Inspira we always believe in futuristic innovative and disruptive technologies that will make difference to our clientele overall business positively. We will be catering to all verticals – Government/ PSU, Defence, BFSI, Healthcare, Enterprise and Smart Cities.”

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