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Pakistani banks hacked in a recent security breach

In a shocking revelation, the head of the Federal Investigation Agency’s (FIA) cybercrime wing has said that data from "almost all" Pakistani banks was stolen in a recent security breach. "According to a recent report we have received, data from almost all Pakistani banks has been reportedly hacked," FIA Cybercrimes Director retired Capt Mohammad Shoaib said.


Hackers based outside Pakistan had breached the security systems of several local banks. "The hackers have stolen large amounts of money from people's accounts," Shoaib said. "The recent attack on banks has made it quite clear that there is a need for improvement in the security system of our banks."


He further said that the FIA has written to all banks and a meeting of the banks' heads and security managements are being called. The meeting will look into ways the security infrastructure of banks can be bolstered. More than 100 cases are being investigated by the agency in connection with the breach.


Shoaib said the agency has arrested many gangs involved in cybercrimes and recovered stolen money from them. A gang was arrested last week whose members used to disguise themselves as army officials and withdraw money from banks after gathering people's data, the official added.


The disclosure comes days after around 10 banks blocked all international transactions on their cards, as concerns about a breach of credit and debit card data spread in the banking circles. The State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) has been informed by several commercial banks that they have blocked international payments on debit and credit cards as a precautionary measure after cyber attacks on their clients’ accounts.

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