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NDOT revolutionizes Restaurant Management System with Clouddish



NDOT has developed a Cloud-Based Restaurant Management Software, Clouddish, which is a one-stop solution for all the restaurant companies, irrespective of its size and type.

Clouddish is designed to streamline the restaurant business for the betterment of process management and has been enriched with applications such as Waiter App, Kitchen App, Delivery App and POS System that are designed to simplify restaurant processes. Its customized products are defined to be used wholly as well as individually by integrating it with an already existing system.


Nandakumar, CEO & Managing Director, NDOT, said, “We realized the need of the hour and designed an all-in-one restaurant management software for restaurants and the like. Investment in mobile applications for restaurants has turned out to be beneficial for restaurant businesses as it helps them generate good return on investment within a few months. There we got the desire to build the one that must be the right solution for all types of restaurant businesses. So was born our Clouddish. As convenience would be the customer preference, then Clouddish would be the right solution for restaurants.”


Clouddish provides an end-to-end restaurant management system. This software is supported by high-precision application attributes, stands ahead of its competitors and supports its customers with a solution that serves to accelerate elevated business results. It is a tailor-made and cost-effective software that has unique features and individualised applications for waiters, kitchen, delivery boys, and billing system.


Clouddish, in a way, can benefit the restaurant industry by providing:


Real-time updates

Compliant features

Efficient monitoring

Handling transactions

Reports and analysis, etc

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