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Partners can turn your great idea into a thriving business reality

A $4.5-trillion opportunity for the channel, while Satya Nadella,CEO- Microsoft spoke on the trend is moving towards Mobile first/cloud first paradigm generated $2.5 trillion in IT spending, that number will surge to $4.5 trillion with the Intelligent Cloud/Intelligent Edge paradigm. which brings an Increase opportunity with Digitisation and the opportunity is greater than before and there is no longer a debate about whether to host data in a public or private cloud. It is clear that what we need is a distributed hybrid cloud infrastructure. The richness of your data should be represented in how it is stored. Finally, we’re moving beyond big data and even machine learning capabilities to be able to infuse cognitive capabilities, like computer vision and understanding natural language, into the applications you build.”


That's because Intelligent Cloud/Intelligent Edge will expand what is generally considered to be "IT systems" today. "With increasing digitization, where every part of our society and economy is being fundamentally transformed because of digital technology, the opportunity is greater than ever before," Nadella said.


Gavriella spoke about how partners can turn your great idea into a thriving business to drive digital transformation around the world and across industries. Your great idea is just the beginning. From there you need to define a sustainable, profitable business model and build a go-to-market plan that gives you customer reach and relevance. Great ideas need great execution to be more than just an academic exercise.


I know for a fact that no single approach will work for every partner. Some partners will focus on building a services practice, some will develop a channel, while others will take a more traditional ISV approach. However, regardless of which business model works for you, I think there are a few common threads to keep in mind. Here’s what I recommend.


@ Know your customer & your market

@ Grow your technical skills

@ Build repeatable, scalable solutions

@ Innovate


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