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Portronics unveils RuffPad 10 for next-generation users



Portronics has launched “RuffPad 10” – a 10-inch Re-Writable LCD Pad. RuffPad 10 is an extension of RuffPad series of premium and high-quality re-writable LCD pads from Portronics.


The 10-inch LCD Drawing Pad can be used for multiple activities like, as a Writing Pad, notice or memo pad, reminder and to-do list pad, play games like noughts and crosses or tic-tac-toe, kids doodle board-cum-handwriting practice-cum-math practice pad.


The device ensures high-precision writing with hard brush calligraphy effect, like with a hard brush and a pencil, not a sketch pen. With this, one can improve their handwriting with great fluency on the surface of the pad. The Erase Button in the Ruffpad allows the user to simply erase the existing content on the pad with a simple press of a button, making the pad-ready to take new instructions or sketches.


The intelligent Lock key on the pad prevents accidental erasing of content on the pad. Once the lock is enabled, even if you accidentally press the Erase Button, the content on the pad will remain as it is.


RuffPad 10 is made of high-quality durable plastic and can easily withstand pressure of your wrists while taking notes. The pressure-sensitive LCD writing surface is very rugged too. It is lightweight, ultra-thin and handy device which is ideal of homes, offices and in-between. The stylus is very user friendly.


The 10-inch large non-radiative screen of RuffPad 10 also allows sufficient space to take notes and hence it is easy-to-read and eye-friendly design. The device is also eco-friendly as it saves hundreds of sheets of papers and ink by using the LCD re-writable notepad. It comes with one 3V battery (like in watches) and one spare battery in the device.


The new device RuffPad 10 is available at a very attractive price point of Rs.1,999/- in both online and offline stores with 1 year warranty.