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Quint Wellington Redwood conducts roadshows on “Digital Business Transformation”

Quint Wellington Redwood or “Quint”, the global independent consulting and training firm, specializing in IT Management solutions has organized a multi-city roadshow in India on “Digital Business Transformation”. The roadshows were held in New Delhi and Bengaluru which attracted participation from CIOs, CTOs, IT heads of organizations from different sectors.


The roadshows brought together the industry experts to discuss and deliberate on digital business transformation journey of today’s enterprises. Quint Wellington Redwood helps enterprises to bring out relevant digital transformation strategies to be more relevant and competitive in today’s business environment. It is pertinent that organizations need to evolve in their approach and respond quickly to dynamic changes of the market.


For enterprises, the biggest challenge today involves creating a vision for the digital transformation journey, including the reasons why a change is needed. The next challenge is to have the enterprise leaders share and buy into that vision, followed by the cultural transformation needed to get the entire enterprise focused around the execution of that common vision. The roadshows were aimed at addressing major challenges and pitfalls in the digital transformation journey in today’s enterprises.


Maurice Boon, CEO, Quint Wellington Redwood & Chairman of the Board of DASA, said, “We serve our clients by helping them to apply best practices in the best way they can. We introduce new best practices like DevOps, Agile, and Service Integration Management globally. We help our end-customers with digital accelerators to initiate digital transformation and also help IT companies with implementing Lean, Agile, DevOps or Service Integration Management capabilities so they are able to keep up with the need of their end-customers.”


Sunil Mehta, Managing Director, Quint Wellington Redwood India mentioned, “Digital Transformation is no longer an option but the need of every business – whether IT or non-IT. It is rapidly becoming a major differentiator for any organization to choose the provider. Quint has been researching in this area for the last three years and has come out with simple but impactful business models which will help in speeding up the digital transformation journey of an organization."

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