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Rockmetric enabling enterprises to deliver analytics at scale

Helping large enterprises to deliver sophisticated data analysis and queries with Microsoft Azure, Rockmetric, a partner of Microsoft, enables its customers to offer it without any investment. The platform encourages an individual to do more with data and AI. Not only large enterprises but SMEs are also adopting analytic tools for businesses. In a chat with VARINDIA, Nimesh Mehta, Chief Executive Officer, Rockmetric discusses about the company’s target verticals, latest innovations, trends in analytics etc.  

Kindly give us a brief about Rockmetric. What are your offerings?

Rockmetric is a 'Cognitive Data Analyst' that automates analysis and insights with a 'Natural Language Search' interface. Business users can now get on-demand access to insights by sending a simple email, through voice or a simple English search query on web or mobile.

Business teams can request for queries such as “Why did the Sales for Brand A dip in Mumbai during May?”, “Which are the bottom 5 Account Managers by Target Achievement Rate” or "What is the Forecast for Sales through Channel A".

How is Rockmetric helping businesses to do analytics in less time?

Large corporations spend a large amount of resources, infrastructure and time to deliver ad-hoc data requests across the organisations. Companies are unable to deliver analytics at scale due to large costs involved in supporting many users.

Large enterprises can now deliver sophisticated analysis and ad-hoc queries at scale instantly without having to expand reporting and analytics teams. Rockmetric platform automatically understands user queries, analyses data and delivers beautiful charts, descriptive insights and complex analysis instantly. These insights are delivered at scale without any manual intervention.

How is Microsoft Azure enabling the company to offer real-time business insights to clients?
Microsoft Azure has a comprehensive breadth of offerings across IaaS, PaaS, Analytics and AI. Rockmetric uses Azure as a strategic public cloud platform to enable our customers to get started with advanced analytics without large upfront investments.

Integration with Microsoft products like Office 365, Outlook, Kaizala and Microsoft Teams helps to enable individuals in enterprises to achieve more with data and AI at scale. Microsoft understands needs of large enterprises really well and they have a very robust program to support partners to deliver enterprise-scale solutions.

How rapidly are businesses adopting tools of modern analytics for their teams?
Indian enterprises have shown great enthusiasm to adopt modern analytics tools. Last decade has seen significant advancements in databases, storage and algorithms. Business users, however, had to interface with the same old spreadsheets and pre-built dashboards.

Business users have experienced highly sophisticated and personalised consumers apps and are now demanding for great user experience, simplicity and modern interfaces like voice, chat, and natural language search in enterprise applications. We are witnessing unprecedented enthusiasm from business users to adopt an intelligent, personalised, easy-to-use and on-demand solution for analytics.

How are SMEs adopting analytics to serve their customers?
SMEs now have access to sophisticated tools at very affordable costs. They can now access the same tools that were earlier only used by large corporations. It is an exciting time for SMEs to adopt and deliver a world-class experience at a fraction of the cost.

What are the verticals you target?
We are largely targeting medium to large enterprises in Banking, Financial Service and Insurance domain. We also have some large customers from Manufacturing and Retail domain.

Any latest innovations that you can brief us about?
Our proprietary natural language search delivers a search engine like experience to users at scale. Our cognitive insights engine delivers complete business analysis and diagnosis within a few seconds. The platform learns from the data and from the user behaviour over time to personalise and deliver only the most relevant insights.

The application has the potential to save the huge manpower that goes behind delivering data across the organization. The platform uses artificial intelligence, machine learning, modern columnar databases and cloud to deliver a world-class solution.

What are the trends in analytics today?
There are four major trends that is driving the adoption of modern analytics platforms:
1.    Adoption of Natural language queries and voice commands
2.    A lot of Businesses will soon move away from painfully building pre-built dashboards and reports to on-demand ad-hoc analysis with descriptions
3.    Technology helping in Personalised insights and analysis for unique needs of each user
4.    Automated machine learning based analysis for quick turnaround time.

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