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TAIT continues to offer growth opportunities for member-partners

TAIT has been focused on creating meaningful growth opportunities for members by exploring new alliances. The Managing Committee, with its newly-elected members, has taken this sentiment ahead by not only increasing the scale of the existing events but also curating new and innovative platforms to grow and interact. With a power-packed combination of business, knowledge and leisure events spread across 2017-18, TAIT is all set to create a unified voice for the IT community, with 70% of Mumbai’s IT trade ecosystem being its strength.


TAIT’s new board, announced in October 2017, has efficiently carried out several engagement initiatives over the past six months. In addition to a fresh board of directors, TAIT this year also introduced the TAIT Advisory Council – a 4-member committee comprising of 3 past TAIT presidents – Champakraj Gurjar, Ketan Patel and Girish Rathod and 1 senior past TAIT Board Member, Nikesh Sakaria. The Advisory Committee will work closely with the current Board of Directors and offer valuable insights and guidance based on their immense experience, to benefit the Association and its members. While the upcoming months promise an equally innovative engagement phase ahead, the year 2017-18 is set be a year of new milestones, bigger events and larger participation.


Headed by the newly-elected President K.R. Chaube, the TAIT Committee with guidance from senior members, kick-started the year 2018 with the launch of the innovative business event, “Lauchpad Pro” – a platform that allows member-partners to showcase their individual product or service to the rest of the member-partners. The concept is thoughtfully designed to offer every brand owner with a dedicated platform to reach out to an audience of over 350+ member-partners and expand their business by gaining maximum reach to relevant target audience.


The launch of the LaunchPad Pro was a part of TAIT Knowledge Series (TKS) events, which are a popular and insightful platform to empower the members with the latest trends in the industry and often also offers guidance to members in specific areas of business. For the current year, the board has organized two significant TKS. The first among these was held on 21st November, 2017 and featured a talk on “Work Life Balance through Yoga” by Yoga consultant Dr Nutan Pakhare and was followed by an introduction of the new board members and their activities. The second TKS was held on the 24th January, 2018 and it focused on the crucial issue of understanding the newly passed E-Way Bill, its implications on the tax structure and GST, etc. The TKS also featured an insightful talk on “Your Relationship with Your Business”, by well-known marketing expert, Bharat Jethani. Often accompanied by an insightful presentation by an expert guest, the TKS is one of the most well-received events at TAIT.


Apart from knowledge series and events, TAIT plays an active role in integrating the community through an active grievance redressal and arbitration support. The grievances committee headed by Samir Mehta, Viren Bhavishi and Parag Shah has effectively addressed common grievance issues pertaining to payments, product warranty support, vendor support, etc, among members as well as those between members and non-members.


TAIT’s active Arbitration Committee, headed by Vivek Bavishi, Sameer Mehtaand and K.R. Chaube, with the support of a panel of arbitrators, has been working towards the continuous resolution of disputes through set rules of procedure, formed to provide smooth adjunction of disputes arising out of transactions between /among members of the Association interest and/or between member/s of Association and non-member/s.

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