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Tech companies need to sync with the evolving customer demands

Sunil Kumar Mohapatra
Director, South Asia Region - Adobe

“At Adobe we believe, understanding customer needs and aligning solutions to address people’s need is a key aspect in making brands digital ready. Today’s tech companies are under constant pressure to innovate to appeal to an increasingly complicated audience; the tech capabilities needed to meet these constantly evolving needs are themselves constantly evolving — and the tech companies that succeed are the ones that evolve in sync. Smart utilization of technology to leverage human connect is the correct approach to innovation. Also customization of solutions to suit every customer’s demands and needs is going to gain prominence. As digital becomes increasingly available, customer counts will only continue to rise and meeting their demand is key to a successful future.

Adobe products have infiltrated nearly all aspects of business and daily life. Companies are investing in digital technology in order to better position their brands in the marketplace. Market leaders are increasingly focused on the people, processes, and tools required to integrate technology across their enterprises, resulting in a digital maturity effect that impacts everything from differentiation to conversion rates. Digital transformation has made its way to every aspect of our lives, especially work environment. Digital transactions, usage of cloud computing to ensure seamless work experience are all examples of how technology is helping create a more conducive and efficient work environment."

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