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‘The Think products are creating a separate class in itself’

Rohit Midha
Director- Commercial Business, Lenovo India

“100 million ‘Think’ products is a phenomenal achievement for Lenovo and we are really proud to be carrying ahead the rich heritage of Lenovo. 

With almost 4 out of every 5 commercial laptops in an airport check in queue being ‘Think’, I think we are already eyeing our next milestone outside the 100 million that we have already achieved. They say we are all victims of habit and at Lenovo innovation is a habit. The rich heritage of Think just brings about our ethos of ‘different is better’. In the Lenovo commercial world in India, the commercial business is all about named accounts where we service the customers’ requirement directly. 

Last year had been slightly tough for India business due to  a number of uncontrollable incidents – the US elections, BREXIT, demonetization, the ambiguity about the GST roll-out. But despite all the hardships, Lenovo’s commercial business continues to be a solid backbone for the Lenovo India operations.

We are definitely aided by Think which has helped us create a class in itself. We have incorporated some of the best features and technologies in the newly launched products - like the low blue light technology, advanced viewing experience with OLED display, the breakthrough low temperature soldering process and so on.”

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