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There is a sea change in approach towards Information Technology adoption

D V Seshu Kumar, Asst. Vice President – IT Head, Orient Cement


“Businesses are radically shifting towards innovation and digital enabled platforms. This is not limited to frontend marketing. Technology trends such as Artificial Intelligent, Augment Reality, IoT, IIoT, Big data, Cloud computing, Mobility etc. , are giving rise to new directions towards innovative marketing and operational capabilities.


As a result, Information Technology has become permanent Board Agenda. Technology trends are making Management to think strategically on how technology trends are shaping company’s future goals. Boards are asking questions ever before they ensure to focus on the issues. Board involvement is also serving as a mechanism to achieve endorsement of larger, integrated technology implementations.


There is a see change in approach towards Information Technology adoption. Earlier it was like a silo kind of approach but since the last few years entire scenario got changed and dependency increased on Technology for decision making and forecasting. Earlier unused data now become as very useful for deep dive analysis. When traditionally approached scenario looks as optimum utilisation of Operational capabilities but deep dive analysis gives a scope for further improvement in capabilities by adopting new dimensions. Because of these scenarios of innovative approach of IT made permanent board agenda.


Yes, definitely technologies like big data, IoT, cloud computing and AI etc., are not only helping to performing daily tasks but in a larger prospective, helping the users to analyse data in a more Descriptive, Predictive and Prescriptive manner.


 All depends on how matured systems are in place or tools are in place. The majority of raw data (Big Data) does not offer a lot of value in its unprocessed form. By applying right tools one can pull useful insights from this stockpile of bits.


Important parameter is to capture data in digital form and making a limited data points (source of data should be one for any analysis) for analysis otherwise analysis may get misleading. With data in hand, one can begin doing analytics. But where do you begin? And which type of analytics is most appropriate for the environment and how Big data going to provide value to the organization?


Once organizations have enough data can start to see patterns and can build a model.  If artificial intelligence (AI) is being predicted near to accuracy then that model can be adopted for the environment, can have a further scope of improvement by taking more parameters in to consideration.


Open-source software’s and cloud computing’s are offering different and innovative solution’s but some tools are not having required maturity levels and are also failing to provide  scalable & sustainable solutions. In my view by using these tools one can meet short term benefits.


The new IT function is going to bring a radical change in the organizations approach. It has now bought us to a point where we might have some of the talents replaced by the machines. Be it in the field of Artificial intelligence (AI), BIG DATA, internet, UI technologies, DATA mining, Block chain, the scope has increased incredibly. The wants are never ending. Before Machine learning was limited only to certain fields, now it has found its applications in almost every app, device, upcoming industries possible.


The 5G internet which is expected to be almost 10 times faster than 4G, is expected to come into use by the end of 2019. There is going to be a huge shift in the fields of engineering, developing, as the new generation of the internet is going to take over.


Whereas, form a user’s perspective, a user would want to have all of their applications and data is limited number of devices than and as compact as possible. This is now leading to the applications like data centralisation, BIG DATA, Blockchain (for better security and encryption), where all the data could be extracted and operated from any part of the globe.


Coming to the UI development, over the past decade it has been in its best phase. From a manual key board to a voice recognition, face recognition, the developers have come a long way, this is expected to get better and better.”


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