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‘There is NO massive change in the prices of the products under GST’

Sudhir Singh, MD - Marg Compusoft


“With the onset of GST, Marg has gained a five fold increase in the sales of its software product because of its simplicity and availability in different geographic. Overall market and industry seen gain after GST which will be reflected shortly. Overall the industry has seen a positive implication and verticals like FMCG, Pharma & Automobile have seen the immediate upward movement that’s very good for the industry and economy.


Marg ERP market approach is informative and educative. The most important aspect for businesses to adopt GST is proper information and implementation according to their business. With more than 500 GST facilitation center and around 5000 GST help desk across the nation, Marg has been a major help for many entrepreneurs in understanding the ease of GST adoption and help them opt the right solution while choosing a inventory and accounting software.


GST can be made successful if entrepreneurs/businesses will be made comfortable with the concept and its best application. We have achieved this nicely. This approach and methodologies been appreciated by the entrepreneurs, trade associations as well as government officials.


There is NO massive change in the prices of the products and whatever exists about increased prices is a myth. Yes, we do agree services have been felt become expensive, however it’s temporary implication as in longer terms that will add up to lots of comfort and ease to entire service chain. The biggest is that there will be a single tax without the cascading effect of multiple taxes so we can say that only value addition is taxed at each point.”