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'To be successful, both man and machine need to be effective'

S. N. Tripathy, IAS, Additional Secretary & Development Commissioner, MSME, Government of India



“As long as your behaviour is ethical, you need not worry about anything. But if you are working against the law, then any law can take care of it. The Government is a sleeping giant, but when it comes to taking action, it takes very heavily. In today’s world if a nation, an individual or an organization has to be competitive, 2 things are utmost necessary – man and machine. The machine should be efficient, free from any cyber security issues and the man/woman behind managing that machine should be super efficient and competent. In an IoT environment, it is always argued whether a man would control the machine or the machine would control the man. We are entering into an area where nobody knows who will be doing the bigger crime; you store a message in your computer, there will be an app in your device that will be dispersed to everybody. Ultimately it will be you who will be responsible.”


Shri Tripathy spoke on machine learning and how it is going to impact every individual's life in the coming times at the 15th VARINDIA INFOTECH FORUM held in New Delhi on 25th May. The VARINDIA INFOTECH FORUM entered its 15th year by bringing together the who’s who of the ICT industry, IT consultants and senior government officials and PSUs and setting up a platform for a day-long event consisting of power-packed sessions of technical presentations, panel discussions and discourses on issues impacting the technology landscape and, most importantly, business networking. The theme of the 15th INFOTECH FORUM was – “Digitization and Role of IoT for Next-Generation Enterprise”.