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TV viewers are moving towards Mobility devices

Findings from the Ericsson Consumer Lab study suggest that linear and VoD viewing will be almost equal in just three years, with 50 per cent of all viewing being done on a mobile screen/laptop /PC screen, with half of this done on the smartphone alone.


The report also shows in the massive growth in TV and video viewing and the ongoing shift in the way consumers watch content by making up almost half of total viewing. Fifty per cent of all TV and video viewing will take place on a mobile screen (tablets, smartphones and laptops), an increase of 85 per cent since 2010, with the smartphone alone accounting for almost one quarter (an increase of nearly 160 per cent since 2010). Additionally, VR will be on the road to becoming mainstream, with 1 in 3 consumers becoming VR users by 2020.


We can see that consumers are not only watching more video but also changing how and when they do so,” said by Anders Erlandsson, Senior Advisor, Ericsson ConsumerLab. “This is also shown through the continued growth of mobile viewing, which has been a booming trend since 2010. industry must focus on delivering highly personalised services in the very best possible quality available.


TV and video viewing is on the rise; but how, when and where we watch content is changing and the time spent watching TV and video content has reached an all-time high of 30 hours a week, including active viewing of scheduled linear TV, live and on-demand Internet services, downloaded and recorded content, as well as DVD and Blu-ray.


Consumers also value high quality viewing experiences as well as immersive experiences. Close to a quarter of the surveyed consumers say they already have access to a 4K UHD TV screen and another third plan to get one.


With the technology is emerging you can have the best of class video’s can be viewed through your any kind of devices, with your simple PC, laptop or mobile phone. Can we say, there is replacement of another emerging technology that is video conferencing over software.