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Western Digital focusing on large capacity solutions for data centers

Vivek Tyagi
Director - Business Development, Embedded & Enterprise, Western Digital Corporation - India and South 


Big Data and Fast Data


As the whole nation is being digitally empowered, online transactions are documented and archived for future references. There are terabytes of data being generated, and the task of storing, managing and analyzing them is no less than humongous. This essentially means that enterprise storage is majorly built around data itself. 


There are two types of data –Big data and Fast data. Big data, as the name says, is data that is generated in huge volumes for companies to manage and analyze.  Western Digital is now building large capacity hard drives for archival storage solutions for datacenters. Fast data is essentially data that needs to be stored and retrieved instantly - like data for automated driving or IoT devices. Data of this kind is time-sensitive and needs to be quick-responsive. Access and analysis of the same is powered by edge analytics. For this purpose, Western Digital offers the rapidly growing Solid State Drives (SSDs) with the flash, compatible for laptops and tablets.


Huge amounts of data areas are much of a bane as it is a boon. Many CIOs in India are looking for economical options without harming the operational efficiency or, in the long run, profits. However, there is absolutely no room for quality compromise. Western Digital’s helium-filled drive under the HGST brand is a great solution for these issues because it has a low operating temperature, consumes low amounts of rack space, and is powerful and dependable at the same time. 


When it comes to object storage, Western Digital’s product, launched in 2017, saves the day with capacities ranging from 500 terabytes to 50 petabytes to store and access large chunks of data.


AI to pose data storage challenge


As artificial intelligence is making its way to our living rooms, we will see technology being data- powered. Be it IoT, drones, automotives - name it, and the cornerstone for it is data. Initiatives like ‘Digital India’ and ‘Make in India’ campaigns, BFSI, healthcare, and entertainment are also key sectors which requires cutting-edge data storage solutions. 


Data may be the new oil. In the coming years, the tech war will involve data and the challenge is going to be on storage and manageability. With the extensive use of Artificial Intelligence in our everyday lives, companies are eyeing at getting their hands on the latest technologies on data, analytics, mobile and social. In this context, it will be good to analyze the Indian data storage scenario.


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